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thinking out loud, diesel swap into WD21


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Hey gang. I need to swap out the engine in my '95 WD21Pathfinder. I always wanted to swap out the engine with a TD27T. I've been prepping instead for a VG33E swap since the Nissan Diesel engines are very rare here in the US.


Just as I'm about to pull the trigger on a VG33E, I suddenly found an importer who has both a TD27T and a QD32ETI. Both come with a 5-speed gearbox and I could have my choice for $2700. Steep but ultimately worth the cost over long term fuel savings. 


Just theoretically which of the two would be the easiest swap? The TD27T is a bit under powered but it seems like it would be the easiest Diesel swap. What says the community? I'm mostly worried about the wiring. Presumably I'd need a matching ECU for either?



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In theory the best would be qd32eti with the mechanical injector pump off the td27 to minimise electronics (and for reliability). I love the QD32ETI in my jdm terrano, it's a great engine and has way more low end torque than the td27. However, they are notorious for flogging out the electric solenoid in the fuel pump, which costs about $2500 NZD to have rebuilt here. Probably even more in the states as you won't have diesel mechanics who are familiar with it.

I'd probably have to recommend the mechanical pump td27 as it can be easily modified to produce around 150 whp with an intercooler and a decent tune. 

I'd definitely recommend diesel, the torque is insane.

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