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wheel bearing issue

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the people that use this forum are usually nice and genuine this is about a different vehicle but alot of you are knowledgeable and or mechanicaly inclined enough to give me some advice or take on the matter. Ive tried posting on other forums and noone comments. so the issue at hand .


 what i thought was the passenger front wheel bearing has turned into a 3 day experiment trying to figure it out. first i jacked up the truck and checked for play and there is no play in either front tires so i replaced the right front wheel hub assembly with one from a junk yard (tight on money) i spun it many times before i installed it and it sounded ok .still vibrating and making a in and out humming tire sound kinda like a helicopter so i changed both of the rear wheel bearings still humming not vibrating as much so after a test drive i went around and felt the hubs and the drivers side hub and brake caliper were realy hot to the touch so im thinking it might be the drivers side hub assembly. 

i also replaced the passenger side cv axle and i couldnt get all the way on the spindle so its kinda loose could this also create a wheel bearing noise?


 im trying to take a ride down to florida to start my insulation job and be with my dog and family but this truck is keeping me still because i dont want to drive 600 miles with a bad wheel bearing thank you.  by the way i loved my nissan pathfinder i actually became good friends with the dude i sold it to and its still going.

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That, to me, sounds like you have a stuck or seized piston inside one of your brake calipers. I could be wrong but the last time I had that happen was because of 1) my cheap ass not greasing the guide pins for the caliper and 2) a seized piston from my dumb ass having stabbed a hole into the seal while trying to get the caliper off. But I'm a brrroke bicycle mechanic so I have to do my own work. That's all that I can point you at unless you want to get into specifics of your vehicle!

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its a dodge ram 1500 2002 i didnt want to identify it at first dont want to get anyone mad because this is a pathy forum but most cars have the same basic idea just in different variants 

you think a siezed brake caliper would make a wheel bearing noise? and vibration?


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Just replaced calipers on recently purchased 95 xe one piston on each caliper was seized and vibrating like crazy when braking.rotors were hot enough to cook on and yes the noise sounded like the bearings were shot

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