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unusual 'tapping'


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so I was hearing a strange noise coming from my pathy as I drove. It was definitely something related to movement and not engine speed.  I put the entire truck up on stands, put it in gear and listened.... nothing.  Anyway, finally got annoyed and did a little more troubleshooting.  The noise, for the most part, goes away if I put the truck into 4Hi and comes back when in 2wd.  I had my wife roll slowly in the street while I walked around the truck and listened... the noise is not more predominant on one side or another.  I also made note that there was a 7 to 1 ration of 'clicks' to wheel rotation which tells me it's more on the tranny side (driveshaft etc) than the wheel side (cv joint, axel).

Anyone know enough about how the tranny works on these models that can give me an idea of what is making the noise and how big of a pain in the ass it will be to fix?



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