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Blower only runs on high for all fan settings Climate control issue?

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I posted this over on Nissan forum but thought I'd try here as well. My 97 Pathy had this issue and it was the resistor, but it had manual controls. The 2006 has lovely climate control that is blasting at highest blower setting or I can turn it off. I had a suggestion that it was the blower fan amp, but I don't know where to look for that. Any assistance would be great!

Thanks all,

Steve (Old geek)

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Thanks, I've got the part ordered and am changing the cabin filter as well just in case it is clogged a bit. When I bought the car it was parked under a pine tree and I know from experience that can cause a lot of issues because of the needles.


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Hi newbie here, my 08 path rear a/c blower only works on high, could not turn it off unless I turn off engine. Front a/c control works fine. I have heard to replace the VBC or the resistor which is located under the glove box. Is there only one VBC/resistor for front and rear?



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