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96 Pathfinder clutch replacement


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Good evening guys, I am currently in the process of replacing the clutch on the 96 Pathfinder. When i pulled the drain plug on the Trans, I had a large piece of metal in the drain pan, come to find out the input shaft bearing was toast, seems to be fairly common. Clutch was bad enough when i parked it, that it took out the Flywheel as well. So I figured while i am in there i will do all the stuff that is needing done and anything else I may Notice on the way, here is where i am at so far.

1. The clutch

2. Trans mount " to cross member"

3. Crank sensor, "my own fault more on that later"

4. U joints front and rear, "may as well while the driveshafts are out"

5. Flywheel "clutch ate it due to wearing past the grip material into the rivets before i could park it."

6. Rear main seal, " its time 216k"

Needless to say it has been a journey, after being together for 20 years and 200k miles, a lot of stuff did not want to come loose or off or out. I am planning a pretty extensive write up on this including tools, tips and tricks, part numbers , and brands of parts i ordered, as well as where i purchased said items.

All said and done, the write up should give you the tools you need to take this on yourself and skip a lot of the head aches that comes with something like this. Other than stuck fasteners of course, everyone has their own method of getting those out.


Just a quick update to let everyone know it is coming, May be some time yet before i can get it together, i will have the truck back up and running again before i sit down to do the write up, so far i am all the way down to the rear main, i will be replacing that and installing the new flywheel / clutch tonight if everything goes well. Tomorrow i will be working on getting the input shaft bearing out and putting in the replacement. so a week or 2 maybe. Have a good one



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Will give all of the details after the job is done. Right now i barely have time to even turn my computer on, only have 1/2 a day or a day on the weekend to tend to the clutch replacement, and sometimes really late at night. But its coming, just hang in there till i get er done.



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