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Ecu issues

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I have been having a engine fault light illuminate randomly and then staying on. After going to the garage and having the code read it suggested a EGR fault so replaced the EGR, it turns out after yet more garage time it's the Ecu that is faulty.




The picture above shows the Ecu in question, after sending it to a specialist it seems to not be able to be fixed.

My question is can I just replace with a second hand Ecu or will it need programming. And if not is there any suggestions on what to do. I'm based in the uk.



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what is the codes that you get.


To check them manually:

switch everything off in the car, then ignition.

switch car ON

wait 3 sec

pump accelerator 5 times within 5 sec

leave accelerator for 10 sec

hold accelerator for 10-12 sec - engin light will start to flicker


count the engin light flashing in segments.

10 fast flickers are a 0

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They will read all of the obdII codes, which should be all of the check engine lights. What the won't read is the manufacturer specific codes, which usually relate to manufacturer specific equipment.

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