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My TD 27 t


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Where to start.....

I guess the first thing I did was wind the boost up a few psi, to around 12 from memory. Followed by adjusting the pump for more fuel. A bit of timing advance too helped free 'er up a bit. Removed all the smog @!*%e too, and welded up the pressure relief valve. Threw a K&N in there too.

I replaced the back half of the exhaust with a 2 1/2" system after a meeting with a ditch in reverse saw the original pipe tied around the diff.

Then a little misshap with some water and 1 bent rod later meant the head came off, so I got stuck in with the grinder....the exhaust ports in particular are horrid in these things. After many hours with the grinder it was all sorted. I also put a skyline intercooler on, and that lovely bonnet scoop.

Next on the list was a clutch job, so while it was out a little machining on the ludicrously heavy flywheel they put on these things was in order, roughly 5kg came off (from memory, it may have been more but it was a few years ago now...), and it could easily have handled more. This was one of the best mods I've done so far, improved the response more than you can imagine.

Next up was a bit of work on the turbo and intake. The 'tube' that runs from under the gaurd to the airfilter is horribly restrictive, so off it came. I ran the filter open at this stage ( I don't really swim it so no probs with water ) by simply screwing the 'lid' of the filter can to the inner gaurd. The 90 deg elbow that leads into the turbo felt the grinder, as again it's quite badly shaped and bottlenecks down a fair bit in the middle. Then a bit of reshaping inside the turbo itself and a 2 1/2" downpipe and front exhaust finished it off. I ran 15psi with this setup.

It stayed like this for a fair while, and went pretty well. One of my mates clocked me in his Subaroo at 180kph like this. (the speedo in the terrano was way off from the bigger tyres)

After stealing the intercooler for one of my bikes I destroyed my first turbo by running too much boost trying to equal the intercooled power without it, so one rebuilt and modded turbo later I added a MR2 intercooler and all was well again.

I did another clutch too, the stockers have trouble coping with a stock engine, so I found a guy that makes race clutches for all the drift guys over here, and he made me up a carbon/kevlar job with twice the clamping pressure of the original one. Sorted.

The old propeller fan was also axed, almost literally as it requires the destruction of the thermo hub thingy to get it off, and an electric jobby was added.

Again it stayed in this form 'till around 3 weeks ago.

I've been itching to change the exhaust manifold for a fair while now, as it is the worst designed piece of scrapmetal I've seen attached to an engine, so I finally got my @!*% together and did it. As there's not a huge amount of room and I was on a budget I just kept it simple, no topmount or anything....and I also changed the intercooler to a bigger better flowing Subaroo Legacy one. And a new K&N finished the job. Not to mention a new exhaust with a straight through muffler as the old one was pretty rusty and the muffler was a bit shot.

This would rate as the second/equal first best mod I've made....full boost from around 1200rpm ( it used to need 2000rpm before) and it even gained 3psi (18now) with no changes to any of the settings.

That's pretty much the story as I remember it, tho there may be one or two emissions due to age/alchohol.





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MATE! i love your work there!!!! i have just bought a 1991 terrano as a project and youve done all the things i had in mind, my turbo is away getting reconditioned i cant wait for it to get back so i can get stuck into it, what intercooler are you using there and where abouts did you mount it? would you mind if i asked you for your help/opinion throughout my project? as you seem to have these engines sorted =)

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All good.

It's a subaru legacy (liberty) twin turbo unit. I welded up the standard intake holes and welded in the pipe you see in the pics. The front mount welds to the brace for the alternator adjuster, and the rear bolts through the two rear upper exhaust manifold bolts. The pipes steady it. The only thing is I have a 55mm body lift, so if you don't it may sit a little high.

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