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Spare wheel carriers


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I'm vexed.


I've got a '96 Pathy with an LPG tank where the spare tyre used to live. The spare tyre is in a custom-made storage unit inside the trunk.

I've also got provision to carry a second spare in the cargo rack on the roof.

I'd like to remove the one from the trunk and mount it on a carrier, but there's a problem:


I want a spare wheel carrier that:


1) stores the wheel over the centre of the tailgate;


2) allows the flipper glass to open without moving the spare; and,


3) doesn't require replacment of my original bumber or towpack.


Having looked around a lot. I can't find any manufacturer with such a product. If anybody knows of one, could they tell me the brand etc...

If it comes to it, I can fabricate one myself, but I want to be sure that I can't get one "off the shelf" first.

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