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  1. Hi all - does anyone know if the auto and manual gearbox versions have different diff ratios? Just got my rig back on the road after doing the auto to manual conversion. Its near on 3000 rpm at 100 kph in fifth gear. Runs smoooth and all gears shift nicely but rev's too high. I spoke with a guy a while back and he said that his TD27 turbo rig rev'd to less that 2000 rpm at 100kph. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hi guys - yesterday was the end of this adventure for me. A quick trip up the road to a wrecker landed me a suitable 24 spline input shaft transfer case. After calling around 10 wreckers the price quoted ranged from $695 to $165. I headed to the cheapest option first and all is well and good!!! The T-case is off a TD27 turbo Terrano. I am still none the wiser why there is a mix of 30 and 24 spline T-cases out there across the Z24, TD27 and maybe VG30 boxes - but hey - second time lucky. 30 minutes after getting home the T-case was on my new manual box with the low range lever in place. The only thing I had to do today was buy two bolts because two bolts were 10mm shorter than needed on the manual box compared with the auto (another strange thing!). This weekend will see some quality time in the shed and hopefully a box - bolted up!! Cheers
  3. Thanks for your help - dropped into a Jap gearbox wholesaler this afternoon - he looked at me sideways when I told him that the input shaft on the transfer case which was mounted to the auto box had 30 splines. I will call a few wreckers and see what they have to say about it. Might look at a Z24 pathfinder transfer case and see how many splines it has - hopefully its got 24 splines and all will be solved!
  4. Hi - I am 3/4 of the way sorting out my auto to manual gearbox change. I have paid for and received a TD27 re-conditioned manual box minus transfer case. The problem is that the diameter of the gearbox output shaft is smaller than the input shaft of the transfer case.... What gives?? Do you need a different transfer case for the manual box compared to the auto one? Is there a difference in output shafts between the older and new model Terrano's?? The wife is going to kill me. First I bought a Pathfinder box but the bell housing is different for the petrol motor compared to the diesel one so that was bought and sold and now I have got more problems. Any help would be great so that I can get te beast back on the road. Cheers
  5. Cheers - looks like I will have to keep my eye out on the real thing. I assume that a pathfinder petrol gearbox would fit fine and dandy - no mods?
  6. Hi guys - there is a five speed trans from a diesel Nissan 720 4x4 on the net. Does anyone know if this will bolt straight onto the back of my TD27T and onto my transfer case? Cheers
  7. Cool - I will print all of that out and have a good read! Cheers!
  8. I looked at boosting mine - but the boost had already been wound up to around a max of 11 - 12 psi....
  9. Hey thanks for your pics! I had seen them previously - must have been in some of your previous posts. Do you have any pics of what you did on the turbo exit side of things? Did the intercooler make a considerable difference in performance? I have a 13B turbo - rotary engine top mount intercooler sitting in the shed. I know that air pumping through a rotary revving its head off far exceeds the TD27 but I was thinking the unit might be a little bit on the small side given the capacity is like 1.3L or so...
  10. Hi guys and gals, does anyone have any photo's of front mount intercooler locations? Running the pipework is not totally impossible with some mods to the existing inlet manifold and piping exit the turbo but there is bugger all room for the cooler. Any thoughts / successes or is the less efficient top mount pretty much the only / best option to keep the length of piping to a minimum? Cheers
  11. Quick question, what is the performance adder of putting the elec fuel pump? Is that to remove the need for the mech pump and the hp to spin it? I have been pondering this since you raised it and seems a little out of the box. I have replaced the rear muffler with a piece of straight pipe and under the advice of another I am running some of that lovely biodiesel (from your side of the border) from SAFF. I have only driven around 90k's since adding it but the thick black smoke has already pretty much disappeared from the exhaust pipe under heavy acceleration and kick back of the auto. Looking forward to your response - cheers!
  12. Hey Michael - i'm from Melbourne. I have a TD terrano. Do you head out much? I'm searching for a manual box and looking at options like an RB30 etc. Need to get the measuring tape out to see what would actually fit tho....
  13. Thanks guys - I have some quality food for thought. First things first (today) is my alternator. Second is the exhaust Third is looking at fit my intercooler (in the shed at the mo) Fourth - timing / tuning. Fifth is continuing to sort the manual trans - keeping an eye on this RB30 manual gearbox and transfer case - cause the auto is so crap! Sixth - with the above box and checking out mod's two to four in place, either the RB30 / RB30ET (i think) or spend the money on the TD (inj and pump). Have a great weekend to all
  14. Cheers SW - some good advice there! That's funny - the first thing I thought of when it came to ordinary fuel economy was getting it tuned by a pro and seeing if its running rich etc or not.... Since then I have been hunting around for someone to look at my timing - no joy so far... I see your in South Oz, but do you have any thoughts / recollections of reputable tuners in Melbourne at all? To be honest, I just love the sound of the turbo and wouldn't like to see it go in place of the V6. I do also love the torque off the line from the diesel motors... I think this weekend I will look into my exhaust and cut off the muffler and see what diff it makes in terms of noise, performance and economy. The misses will hate it but its my rig so she doesn't drive it! My alternator died a week and a bit ago so this Sat will be ripping that out and replacing it with a newbie. Thanks for your advice and waiting to here your feedback regarding the economy of the V6. Just thought of another question, do you think anyone will have any drawings of the TD27T gearboxes (manual and auto) and the petrol gearboxes. Does anyone know what the part numbers are for the different boxes and whether the petrol 2WD boxes will bolt onto the TD27?
  15. What's the economy and power like with the 3.8 V6 conversion? A guy has a 5 speed and transfer case for an RB30 out of a Patrol for sale at the moment - could be a good option?? Thoughts? I am in two minds, if I go to the hassle of a conversion with say a V6 motor, then why not go the whole hog with say the all alloy 4L toyota V8 - 1UZ? The thing I like about the commodore is that there are so many of them around that gearboxes and rebuilding motors etc is cheap. I spent years driving European cars and you get burnt mega $$ for parts. Too many options!

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