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  1. I have been doing a lot of reading on what to do for a 2" lift for an R50. It seemed like the easiest way to go about this was to buy everything through 4x4parts.com. However, when I went to buy the front coils, rear coils, 2 Bilstein 5100 shocks, and a camber alignment kit. This came out to about $580. When I went to check out the shipping cost was $194. This seemed a little extreme as I am in Southern California and the parts should not weigh this much. I'll link the parts I was going to buy below here, 4x4 Parts Front Lift Coils 4x4 Parts Rear Lift Coils Bilstein 5100 Shocks Camber Kit I then found a link on this forum to a set of ARB OME lift coils on Amazon. However, I could not find any of the front lift coils to pair with these. I also could not find a camber alignment kit for these. Any recommendations on what to do? I'm sure this dilemma has been met many times but I cannot find any clear steps on what to do. I am willing to pay for the shipping cost on 4x4parts.com but I would rather not if it is not necessary. Thanks for everyone's help
  2. So what would be the best springs to put in the rear to get an even 2" in the front and the rear? Is this the right set of coils from AC parts? https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981165-pathfinder-front-lift-coils.html
  3. So it seems like I should go with the AC Coils in the front and some LR Coils in the back. Should I go with the Heavy Duty springs in the front and something like the NRC9449 in the back? Will this give an equal amount of lift in the front and rear? Also I have been watching some of your videos and they have been very helpful. They were part of the reason I bought a pathfinder.
  4. I am looking to lift my pathfinder and it looks like I am going to use the LR springs but there is quite a bit of information here to digest. I would like to get a lot of lift but I also do not want to go through with a SFD or have to use spacers. From my understanding the spacers are pretty dangerous to use if I am planning on going off roading and could cause some CV axle damage. So if I were to use LR springs in the rear what should I use in the front? I've seen that a lot of people do LR springs in the rear with AC/OME springs in the front. However, it seems like the AC springs will only go up to about 2" of lift. Is there a spring that does more than a 2" lift on the front? Or should I use springs and spacers in the front? Thanks for the help
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