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  1. ok I opened the boxes tonight. Sorry I have had a lot of projects, have been redoing a bathroom, and i had to do a repair on a carbon fiber duckbill for my q40......but tonight I had some time. front coils are 16" tall with 6.5 coils the half coil is the one that drops into the bottom strut coil bracket they are 16mm thick coils rear coils are 14.625" tall with 7 coils 15mm thick coils
  2. I will let you know, I wasn't able to cancel in time so I didn't push the issue, they are supposed to be delivered today I still need to find the time to do it and to get the rest of the components to do it. But I will get before and after measurements and let you know. I will also take some coil dimension measurements if people would like that.
  3. so I just got off the phone with dobinsons, for those interested...the front springs are 202 lbs/in c45-168. and rear springs are 174 lbs/in c45-169. so question for those running them. Are the fronts topping out the struts ?
  4. lol this thread is stressing me out. I just pulled the trigger on the Ironman springs.....should I call and cancel before they ship and order the Dobinsons, what do you think ? The video it just doesn't look right. so are they defective out of the get go and why wouldn't they want to warranty them. Does anyone know the spring rate on dobinsons.......as said OME are just out of stock everywhere I spent all last week following dead ends to springs that end up being back-ordered even though they say they are in stock,
  5. so for those who have used the ironman front springs are they lifting the advertised 1.5" I read somewhere someone saying they only got .75" Just curious if the lift is coming out reasonably level for an ironman f&r lift spring setup. The rear Ironman springs have a 166lb/in which should hold weight curious on anyone using them how they hold up to say a constant 300lbs in the rear cargo area....The OME md rear are 140lb/in so in theory these should hold weight better.
  6. How is it going I am new to Pathfinders. I have always like the Pathfinder platform, I started out in Jeeps as a young man I built several Grand Cherokees, and Cherokee and run moab did lots of trails just grew tired of some of the unpredictability and unreliability of Chrysler products so I move on to a Japanese brand and moved to Subaru's. My boy and I even rebuilt a Subaru Forester into a overland vehicle with a full kitchen lift bigger tires running water solar charging etc. It was a fun project. However it just was so light duty in the off road aspect so I feel this will bridge the gap and its a new project for my boy and me. I picked up a 2002 QX4 it has 111000 miles and runs great......all is not well however the car came with bald tires so I negotiated the price down and went right to the tire shop since i had to drive home 200 miles through a blizzard......... I was convinced by the tire shop a "Pathfinder expert" recommended a setup for me. I purchased some take off wheels they had 17x9 minus 12mm offset, I did some searching and it seemed the aggressive offset would help this tire size clear the strut spring perch. well I left the tire shop, and realized shortly into the trip that this is too much tire, I wasn't too worried however because i do plan on a mild lift the Ironman Spring lift, I plan on building this into an overland vehicle again kitchen and all, so I want the heavy rear springs to carry the weight in the back., so I pulled off the road removed the mudflaps and trimmed the bumper slightly, no more rubbing on turns except some mild inner fender rubbing, so I figure sweet i'm set. I got home and was looking over the clearances and no its not ok.....the -12mm offset has the wheels so pushed out i'm not tucking into the fender flares, so I have like 1.5" of suspension travel before i smack the finder flares......I know i'm going to lift but 3" of travel isn't going to cut it for me. I know the qx4 has different flares and I am running wider rims than most but i'm also running less aggressive fitment than most running this size tire most are running like a -19mm or 3.75" 8" back spacing. so I am asking for some help is there a possibility to tuck these tires into the fender wheels, they are a tame all terrain as I said im not going to do anything super hardcore so road manners are important. But I still wanted bigger tires and good suspension travel. I am so frustrated i'm on the verge of simply going back to the stock 17x8 +20mm offset and putting something sub 31 on, I am supposing like a 245/70r17 would fit possibly a 255/70r17.....

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