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  1. So that is intentional? Makes no sense. It is such a bother to open the glass that I never do it. On my '03 Suburban there is a button on the rear hatch. Press it and it opens the glass portion. Simple and makes perfect sense.
  2. Mine does the exact same thing on my '99.5. Everytime I turn the key to open the glass, all the doors lock. Any fix for this?
  3. Just an update in case anyone is helped by this. I ended up having 2 bad fuel injectors. So I replaced them all with Hitachi injectors and all is great now. I also ended up doing the upper plenum coolant delete. The engine runs awesome now.
  4. Quick update. I ended up ordering a complete rear axle from a 2001 Xterra 4WD with an LSD Diff. and 4.63 gears and 98K miles on it. I removed the third member and swapped it out with my open diff. It was a bit of a job, especially removing and replacing the third members as they are quite heavy. Thankfully I had 2 other sets of hands to help. So far it seems to work great. I haven't really had a chance to test it thoroughly but I plan to soon. Thanks again for all the input!
  5. Thanks! Do you have a link to the FB group where one was made to fit?
  6. I saw this roof rack fairing with the 2 lights integrated into it for the 2nd gen Xterra. Anyone know if something like this was made for the R50? I have been looking but no luck.
  7. Can the back glass be opened with the tire carrier in the closed position?
  8. I am going to focus on the '01-'02 Frontiers and '00-'02 Xterras. Those would be plenty ideal for my purposes. Maybe a dumb question, but was the LSD a factory option in the 2WD models?
  9. Thank you all! I had read an old post on Nico club describing the breakaway torque depending on years. Looks like the Xterra from '00-'02 and Frontier from '01-'02 with LSD are my best bet for higher torque. But I will settle for '96-'02 Pathy. Especially since finding exactly what I want will be slim. Much appreciated.
  10. Looking for a little clarification. I have a 1999.5 4WD automatic Pathfinder with NO LSD in the rear axle. It is an HG46 axle. I am considering swapping the third member with one that has LSD. From what I can tell, my best choices (higher break-away torque) for a donor with LSD are: Pathfinder '96-'02 Xterra '00-'02 Frontier '01-'02 Of course, these would have to have the HG46 axles as well. My main question is will the third member from the '01-'02 Frontier work as well? I thought I read something was different. Maybe it is something to do with using the entire axle assembly and the mounting points? Also, if I get a suitable donor third member with LSD, it is just a straight swap into my axle housing, correct?
  11. Quick update. I was able to remove the distributor cap and got access to the #2 injector. I did an ohm test on it and the injectors on the opposite bank. Here are the results: #2 9.2 ohms #1 12.8 ohms #3 15.4 ohms #5 12.6 ohms. This was done with engine cold and about 72 degrees outside. I had read somewhere that the readings should be between 10-14 ohms. Is that correct? Is the low reading on #2 verifying anything? Also, should I test them after the car has warmed up as well? Thanks!
  12. I have been searching but could use more input. I have a 1999.5 Pathfinder with 106K miles. Automatic. I am getting P0302 and at idle it runs rough and seems to misfire. But when I give it gas and get going it seems to run fine. When I pulled the #2 spark plug it was pretty black and seemed fouled out. I replaced it and it kept doing the same thing. Code came on about 50 miles later and spark plug was black again. History: About a month ago I replaced timing belt, water pump, belts, and hoses. It was running great after that. I was getting an intermittent code P0138, for the Bank 1 Sensor 2 oxygen sensor. I did the extra ground mod but that didn't help. Also, I had put some fuel cleaner in my gas over 2 fill-ups a few weeks ago just for the heck of it. It was some time after that when I started to notice the rough idle, but with no codes. Then last week I replaced that o2 sensor wondering if that might help. The P0138 code has not come back. Shortly after that I got the P0302 code. It mainly comes on if I let it idle for a while. The only thing I have done is replace the fuel filter. Spark plugs are NGK and wires, cap and rotor all are Denso and all have around 5K miles on them. It seems to be getting spark to the #2 plug as well. Also, I am getting the buzzing noise like the one mentioned in this thread: Humming sound from rear when car is off - Nissan Forum | Nissan Forums (nicoclub.com) I am leaning towards it being the #2 injector but it seems I am going to have to remove the intake manifold just to check or replace it. Unless there is a way to ohm it out without removing the manifold. Any advice would be great.
  13. Howdy all. I'm in eastern Texas and I recently acquired a 99.5 Pathfinder SE 4WD from a close friend who had it since new. It has only 105K miles on it. I just replaced the timing belt and water pump and hoses/belts/radiator/AC compressor and tie rod ends. I also put 255/70/16 ATs on it. I really love it! I am wanting to put on the SF Creations rear 1" spring spacers just to give the old rear springs a little help. Any comments on that would be helpful.

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