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  1. @Legacy I started with shocks and springs. when I brought my R50 it had 31 all terrains on 15 inch steel rims. The shocks and springs were factory and absolutely shot. I managed to get a full set of front and rear shocks and springs off a wrecker from a 99 pathy that only had 50 thou on the clock so they're decent. The best bit of the score was the after market rear springs. Next on the want to do list is a similar winch mount like what @onespiritbrain did http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/profile/39996-onespiritbrain/ What ever you need to know about repairs, mods, what does or doesnt work you'll find 99% of the answers on NPORA - I've already spent untold hours searching and reading what's what on here. Good luck
  2. What an epic build!!? Thanks for sharing so much info you've helped clarify heaps around the suspension issues I was facing here in NZ.? Was looking at the spacer line but that's a hassle here with certs. Got me seriously thinking about the locker now as well. I'll be watching your future upgrades and vids. Cheers ?
  3. Onespiritbrain it was your winch post that pushed me to it ? . Perfect answer for what I want with out spend big dollars on an after market winch bar. Not to many choices here in NZ.
  4. Hi team after reading many posts for ideas and repairs finally signed up. So many talented owners here with fantastic rigs built on clever ideas and DIY skills. Look forward to using and sharing ideas to spec my mighty R50 Rano
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