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  1. I did not replace them I went with the Detroit axle rack
  2. I just replaced my rack and pinion and it's leaking out of the lines that connect on top the in/out lines it looks like it's coming from the washers I can't figure out why it's doing this. 2000 pathfinder
  3. i replaced plugs and wires and cap and rotor still misses
  4. My 2000 pathfinder vg33e has a miss when holding speeds and using light throttle and a rough idle when the ac is off. have tried seafoam and countless others. have replaced plugs, fuel filter, bpt valve. when egr was disonected after my bpt valve blew up it didnt miss when holding speed but still had the rough idle what could be causing this. i also have a knock sensor code that hides in the background.
  5. Recently i bought an r50 to replace my wd21 after almost a year of chasing issues only for a new oil pump to fail. So far my r50 build has 31x*10.5r15 cooper adventurer A/T 15 inch lego wheels rockford fosegate p3 10" sony single din radio front rockford 6.5" speakers starlight headliner and blacked out headliner swapped out to some wood grain trim floor lights rear traffic adviser bar/chase bar cb radio and pa system rear amber/white lights side 4 inch pods-niglight-install in progress front 36 inch bar-niglight-install in progress front amber/white pods-niglight sfcreations 2.5/3" lift-install in progress mile marker hubs-in progress jchl tow strap 20,000 break x-bull 13,000lbs synthetic rope winch custom pipe bumper with front skidplate i will add some more photos of the bumper and winch when i get a chance. link to the drive folder with pictures
  6. I just bought a 91 pathfinder xe for 300 dollars and its a clean truck but some how the crankshaft snapped is this a common issue or does anyone know where i can get a cheap vg30e in arziona

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