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  1. Awesome. I will be adding one as well even though I don't do much towing, but I also live in Southern California and sometimes it gets hot. Did you install it in-line with the factory cooler or does it complete replace the factory cooler in the radiator? And also, does the system now require more ATF fluid?
  2. Thank you! It was actually bone stock when I bought it. Was used by as a Mall Crawler. It was throwing a code for a camshaft position sensor and the guy who owned it before me took it to the dealer and they quoted him 1300 to replace both sensor and solenoids which is why he was selling it since he couldn't get it smogged with the code. He wanted 2200, I offered 1600 we agreed on 1800. 10 minutes and a $80 sensor from O'reillys later and the code was gone. All other mods were done by me. Probably put in 3000 in maintenance and mods including lift, wheels tires, etc but it runs like a dream, knock on wood.
  3. Here it is! Still a big work in progress but it cleaned up really well for something I picked up for 1800 bucks. I also own a 2014 3.7L Mustang but my QX4 is way more reliable.
  4. Hi Micfly, I just picked up a 2001 QX4 with 173K miles in January and have been modding it since. I'm located in Tustin, CA and have also been trying to find people enthusiasts in the area. I am unsure if the roof rails on the Pathy are the same but I found a solution that I saw another owner do somewhere. I removed the factory roof bars and the washers inside the rails. I used bolts to to go through the bottom of those washers and then slid them down the rails evenly on both sides. I then picked up 8 conduit hangars from local hardware store. I placed the hangars with opening facing upwards and then used nuts to tighten them to the rails. You should have 4 clasps on each side running down the car. I bought the ROLA roof rack which turns out is exactly the same width as roof rails on the QX4. From there, you just bolt the cups of the conduit hangars shut. It's surprisingly solid and i've used my entire weight tugging on the roof rack and it moves the entire car as though it was one piece. let me know, i'd be more than happy to show you what i've done.
  5. Hi, I just purchased 2001 QX4 in January. The car was in decent condition but I performed the maintenance just for peach of mind. Here's some items that needed work on mine: -Oil Cooler Leak - Needs a new ring seal. <12 dollar part that you can find on amazon and a 15 minute job. -Replace all differential fluids and transfer case fluid -New coolant, air filter, & oil change obv -Replace trailing arm upper/lower - pretty easy job -Cam position sensors were throwing a code - replaced both 160 dollars and 10 minute job -Rear Glass Struts - lot of people don't notice that this, 30 bucks on amazon 5 minute job -Replace the serpentine belts - bought the 2001 pathfinder specifically to avoid timing belt issues -New coils in the rear, struts in the front, and shocks in rear when lift was put in -Replaced brake pads in front, new drums and shoes in rear, regreased the wheel bearings and then added warn hubs -Replaced interior lights with LEDs both roof lights and lights behind center console & clock -Added refrigerant -replaced fuel filter - cheap part and easy job as its an in-line fuel filter so you don't need to remove the fuel pump at all -Replaced the spare and got new AT tires and wheels all around - Future Plans -Oil Leak from Valve Cover Gasket - plan to fix in the future but advisable to replace Knock Sensor, PCV valve, IACV gasket while you're at it -Coolant hoses and water pump - keeping spares and waiting until failure -Adding a hitch for a tow point -Rocksliders -Probably upgrade from 31inch tires to 32 Hope this is helpful.

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