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  1. Yes, I think I figured it out, a failing fuel check valve inside the gas tank. I'm just going to install a check valve as closest to the gas tank as I possibly can. Maybe a simple $10 remedy, we'll see.
  2. My 2002 pathfinder has a peculiar problem , if it is not started within a few days it won't start. I have to pull out the air filter and squirt in some starting fluid to start it. Any clues as to the cause of this? Clogged fuel filter? Or? Thanks much Tom
  3. My engine worms up to normal temp in about 3 min, but I have no heat until about 20 min. Even then the heat is not very warm. What could be the most likely cause? Thank you for any and all suggestions?
  4. I have a 2003 pathfinder with a moderate oil leak under the engine somewhere. So here is the question Would rear main seal leak continue after sitting over night. It would seem to me like if the engine is not running, there shouldn’t 'be a leak. Am I wrong? Thanks
  5. My car won't increase or maintain idle rpm when under load. It keeps trying to decrease rpm till it nearly dies then jumps back up just to do it again in intermittent fashion. If I press on the accelerator pedal just a little, it'll like snap back to normal rpm. So I'm suspecting that what ever device that is supposed to increase rpm when the car is under load, D or R or even the air conditioner is not doing it's job. Anyone know what scheme/device is used on a 2003 pathfinder LX?
  6. The driver side window on my 2003 pathfinder won't stay closed. Everytime, It goes up then comes part way down, so I have to turn the ignition off while holding the switch in closing position in in order to fully close the window ANNOYING!!. Anybody know a fix for this like relearning or is this a case of messed up hardware? Thanks
  7. @Sjackson2 Ya that could be a possibility because I have the door ajar red led alert. Any Suggestions on how to check those door switches? Thanks
  8. Hi all I have a 2003 Pathfinder that beeps with the key in the ACC position of the ignition switch. Anybody know how to turn off the beeping? Thanks Tom

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