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  1. Hello fellow path finders owners I am looking for some help I lowered the sub frame just gunna drill out the subframe drop spacers I made . Did any of you guys make a spacer for the engine mounts i am just not to sure if any one did or not thanks 



    1. hawairish


      Since the motor mounts attach to the subframe, yes, you need spacers for them.

  2. Well build the 4 inch left for pathy coil spacers .sub frame drop buildup and  defender 90s coil spacers now I am going another way with my project for 350 axles only thing I dont know is the tx10 and the tx10a the same thing I may be adding some crawler gears just not to sure on the tx10 and the tx10a 

  3. So I did quite a bit of work on pathy vavle cover gaskets starter alternater spark plugs fuel filter swirl vavle brakes oil prusure switch rad ball joints picked up some off set rims tonight with 3.5 inches of back spacing I will be taken pictures as the pathy off road build goes along she s been pretty good so far fingers crossed
  4. Ammos


    So what I am fighting with pathy today I am doing the ball joints due to the fact on the last oil change it had some play now it was rattling around for a week now I am putting on some three 555 ball joints so I got the 3 bolts out and the castle nut but I was wondering is it tapered ?I know you can't get a hammer and beat on the lower control arm
  5. Ok sweet thank you guys for the info i was looking at the napa premium ones who they say were made by spicer dana ?
  6. I am just wondering what kinda lower ball joints every one is rolling with for the off rosters I had like 3 to pick from like the 40 dollar ome cerifid all ways up to like an 82 dollar moog just need some peoples thoughts thanks
  7. Thank you I been looking on eBay Amazon and looking online I been searching everyone keeps telling me it's impossible to get anything for it that's why you don't see them lifted I knew something was out there
  8. I am looking in to getting a lift for my pathy but only lift I can find are the level pucks , i was gonna get a 2.5 and get an old man emu coil springs what lift it another 1.75 I was wondering if there is any other ways out there i know it's difficult for independent front end

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