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  1. If anyone is interested I can do the balancer mod for the v belt swap on the 3.3. I am a machinist and I have the 5mm broach to open the keyway after the bore is increased.
  2. Got my 3.3 in June 2018. Btw they dont make enough extra power to justify the swap unless you do the same mods that will give you the same increase with the 3.0. If it has more hp, as mentioned by others because its an import take out, its not noticeable. I did not do any performance mods.
  3. When did adamzan purchase the jdm motor? A Jdm dealer on Phx Az told me the 3.0 was no longer available so I did a 3.3 swap. It was a pain but it has worked out and runs good. I think I have around $1600 into it including a new clutch. I would just rebuild the 3.0 before doing a swap for 3.3. If youve done ac motors you can do these.
  4. I have never seen this before but posting it for anyone else who ever has this problem. The right side tail/brake light bulb blows a day or two after replacing it. I thought it had to be a short somewhere but the left side never had a problem. Thinking maybe it was in the light socket I pulled the tail light assembly to check it out. When the assembly was in hand I kept hearing a rattle that sounded like something loose in the assembly. I couldn't find it on the exterior so proceeded to pull the tail/brake light socket out of the assembly and found that the lower cavity was half full of water. For some reason the water could get in but could not drain out. As the water would slosh around and hit the hot lit tail light it would blow the bulb. SOLUTION: I drained the water from the cavity through the light socket hole then drilled an 1/8 inch hole in the bottom of the tail light assembly that will allow water to drain if it gets there in the future. I don't like to drill holes where they don't belong but sometimes it is a good solution to an expensive or unsightly alternative. I hope this can help someone having this problem in the future. Good luck & happy wheeling. BTW the 3.3 engine swap is successful and running great.
  5. Hope this is posting in the right place. I haven't used forums so I'm learning as I go. I see a lot of helpful info here and hopefully at some point I can contribute. I love my 95 Pathfinder which is why I am doing a 3.3 swap to keep her running. I will be happy to share what I learn when the project is complete. See the thread from OH6PILOT if you are interested, I will share any useful insights there.
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