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  1. Good job on getting it back together. I had to do a head job on my old 95 and it was a nightmare just like yours. Never could get those coolant lines behind the intake to go on properly. We had to do the heads in mine since we timed it wrong so it bent all 6 intake valves. this whole top end is a nightmare. Tell you what though when you get it done and it runs it feels amazing and good to know you got it done.
  2. According to Rock auto there are indeed two different racks with different part numbers. Theres an SE model and a LE XE model. What the difference is I'm not sure but by looking at them but it looks like maybe where the steering shaft attaches is different is the only thing. The taller one is the LE, XE rack. and the other is the SE
  3. Unfortunatly both of my WD21's went to the scrap yard. Torque converter went out on my white SE and my XE parts truck went with it.

  4. I've had mine on the freeway doing that speed. Definitely not fun way too scary and very all over the place.?
  5. I have it all I can share it via Google drive if you'd like
  6. So I've patched the wires both under hood and in cab. Still no speedometer but I've checked the engine light and it's giving error code 14. The speed sensor has gone bad. Oh well. Be picking up another pathy soon
  7. So found that a bundle of 5 wires for mine were up against the exhaust header and melted the wires. And melted the wire inside the cab. I wish I could post the pictures here to show y'all. And figure out where the harness goes
  8. True but the wierd thing is I put the old girl into 4wd and the Speedo works
  9. I just pulled my Speedo cluster out and come to find out There's corrosion on the back of the Speedo and a broken connection on the printed board. So I guess time for a different speedo
  10. I just started having this issue, Speedo not working intermittent cel, with my 95 4x4. When I throw mine into 4h the Speedo works. So my speed sensor my be going out as well but then again I have a failing transmission anyway
  11. Starts just fine in neutral and park. And it's not throwing any codes.
  12. Thanks. My first time ever having taken an engine down that far. So I'm thinking my transmission has either dropped a gear or it's damaged internally some other way. Its hitting the correct shift points from d1-d3. But she's still really high on the rpms going freeway speeds. Also is there any difference in the trans itself from a 2wd model to a 4wd model? Also hopefully this link will work. These are the pics of my Speedo doing freeway speeds with and without overdrive on. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2018109721601775&id=100002083014107
  13. She is now running great except for this transmission issue still. Now is the transmission a 4 spd plus o/d or is 4th gear o/d? Plus I've got some pics of the rpms she's doing at highway speeds and I wish I could post them...
  14. She was empty. She blew the fuse and relays because the wires on the sending unit were bare and touching the metal. Now I've gotta figure out if I've got the drivers side injectors plugged in wrong or not. She's firing correctly on the passenger side but pretty sure she's not on driver side.
  15. So have her rebuilt and had her fired up today. But she was really rough and died as I tried to take her around the front of my shop. Now she just sits and cranks. I'm going to do a pressure test and then see if she's getting spark and fuel and go from there. I'll keep trying to post as I go along. Thanks everyone for the help!
  16. Been a while since my last post. But got a huge update on the pathy. Finally had some time to strip out a cylinder head. Come to find out... You guessed it bent the intake valves shoved them right into the head. So now I'm going to be pulling the other head and will be replacing both heads. I want to thank everyone who has helped with their input in this. I'm hoping before the new year the old girl will be back on the road!
  17. We're gonna take the intake off to get to the valves for 2,4,6 so we can time the old girl right. Now my big question is if we line it up at TDC will it automatically be starting Compression cycle or no? Like i've said this is my first time so im trying to wrap my head around all of this. I've also been told that the distributor timing is different from the cam shaft timing.
  18. So heres the update. Put belt on as said in post got the cams set right. Tried turning her and nothing. Went to buy a compression tester and shes not getting any compression. I'm guessing the piston rings finally went. So now it sits for a while longer again.
  19. so i now have a new issue with it. Took off the timing belt to change the water pump and thermostat. Now we cant get the marks on the timing gears and the marks on the back plate of the timing cover to line up with anything we do. She keeps sounding like shes on exhaust stroke every way we adjust it (As in we I mean me and a buddy whos turned wrench for 30 years). We're starting to get frustrated with this issue. Any Ideas guys? Oh and Slartibartfast the thermostat had frozen so i think thats why she was overheating like she was.
  20. so the ecu isnt bringing back a code. I push in the o/d button and it revs my rpms up by around 250 rpm. so if im doing 65 on the freeway at 3500 rpm and i kick in od it goes up to 3750 and its also causing mine to overheat. Im almost scared to take it on the freeway because im afraid of blowing the motor out of it
  21. I've seen the O/D off light and shes not flashing on the power mode switch. And she has no issues starting in park or neutral. She has sat for the last almost 10 years though so I'm not sure if all the kinks are worked out yet.
  22. Any one out there have any issues with their Overdrive not functioning. I just got my 95 up and running but it has no over drive and is sucking fuel like crazy on the freeways. Any idea what part may need replaced?
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