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  1. this project still around? i did a ka24de-t and lived to tell about it Project:kade-t/wd21 pathfinder (ironhide) - Infamous Nissan - Hardbody / Frontier Forums
  2. do you have some more, better pics? im going to undertake this modification
  3. bumping this thread, I have some rocker panel work imma do.
  4. so, I have a 1987 2 door pathy 5spd 4x4 with an open diff. I went to the junkyard and picked up a full rear axel with rotors and a nifty lsd. my question is can I just install this without changing the pinion gears? is the n/a front manual diff compatible with the 1995 lsd? I think my front is the 189(I think) and the new one is the h233b, but don't quote me
  5. bumppers,anyone have a refined ecu diagram for a z24i pathy?
  6. bumpping this up, yes im a few years late to the party, but has anyone actually done this? ka24de+t's are cheap alternatives so far what i need is a -4x4 frontier motor what i have sourced is -de 240sx harness -de 240sx ecu I already have a holset hx35 turbo I'm taking off my rb25 and some 370cc rb25 stock injectors, might run a nistune again and do a basic motor rebuild. all should fall about $2,500.00 when done
  7. bumping this, why? because I'm in the process of upgrading my tired 87 interior
  8. will a ka24e or de directly bolt up to my trans? so far ive found it should, but there is a big differnce than SHOULD and WILL?
  9. Hey there guys. new kid on the block. 87 2 door 5spd 4cyl pathy. looking for guidance on swapping a ka24de for a turbo project? my other current hits include a -89 s13 with a rb25det swap -94 sc400 with a 1.5jz so im kinda mechanically inclined. hope to learn some stuff from here.

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