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  1. Thanks for the various messages and inputs over the last while, the inputs have assisted - have now finally got the terrano running, going through checks and ready for engineering (have to have half cage and change from 5 seat to 2 seat engineered for registration here in Oz).

    While all seems to be progressing OK, a couple of items have arisen that I would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions from the ‘brains trust”. 

    The terrano has been converted to redline Weber as the throttle body was totally unserviceable and getting a repair or replacement was impossible. It is a Vg30i and auto.

    1. With the Weber conversion (and removal of the associated sensors etc) the auto kick down seems to have gone “missing”. I checked the manuals and the kick down switch seems to activate on the accelerator pedal but i wondered whether it also had some interaction with the TB sensors that’s re no loner in place? 

    2. The cooling system has been checked over and, the steel heater pipes under the intake and rear of engine have been found severely wanting and been sorted to fix pin hole leaks, but it seems to still lose cooling fluid after running. No apparent leaks anywhere and new gaskets on the intake manifold. The engine was completely rebuilt so new Welch plugs and the like, so cant seem to see where any coolant could be leaking/losing from. 

    Has anyone seen similar or have any experience with the Weber conversion/auto box and covered any needed “tricks” to sensors/wiring that may be needed?

    We are hopefully going to be clear to run again this year in the charity rally late August but these couple of last issues are causing a bit of a hiccup

    Any thoughts/inputs appreciated 

    Cheers from “down under” 


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