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  1. I just went through this. The drivers side and passenger side are different. And it's almost impossible to find them for a car with rear disks. However, you can still by them new from a company inEurope, I think it was euro4x4 or so.ething? If you Google the part number enough you will find it. Make sure to call the dealer and get the correct part number by using your vin.
  2. You shouldn't have a problem. Only reason for new uca's is to get correct alignment and ball joint angle. I've had my 92 lifted at least 2 inches for over a year of hard wheeling and highway driving and no problems at all. Make sure you do the jgc springs in the rear to save some cash. They can be had at AutoZone for $40/pair brand new and no fooling in the junk yard
  3. I have put 6 crank seals in mine and every one has leaked a little. I just live with it at this point
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