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  1. Better yet if you can find it in gray.
  2. Sorry but could not post originally on the website and tried through tapatalk and it kept getting stuck so I ended up trying 6 times. Then at the end it worked (6 times!) Ok back to the homelink. Apparently there are some earlier production homelink devices that don't work with rolling code garage door openers. So if you are going to buy on ebay, be sure so check. I did this install a couple of years ago on a mini cooper I had, so I had practice. On this one I ended up having to enlarge the holes a little bit more than in the picture with a file but in the end it worked well. Tapped for power on the overhead light cable. Just have a bit of patience and confidence. I put 2 pieces of cardboard on top of the homelink between the roof and the homelink for support.
  3. Got a homelink fron a sun visor on ebay for $19 and installed it on the over head console.
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