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  1. Mine were shot, and had to be replaced. I purchased replacements at Napa for 30$ each.
  2. Hey everybody, I live in Reading PA (southeast PA) and I know how hard it is to find legal places to wheel around here, I know of areas a little bit up north of where I live, there are some spots, like rausch creek for one, a great playground that is world renowned. Weiser State Forest has dirt road trails for the hunters and fisherman alike, I know of particularly the Port Clinton tract, near Hawk Mountain, nothing extreme, It would be nice to find more places , and maybe even meet any pathy owners who live near me in southeast PA...
  3. I know these posts are years old but, I live in Reading PA and would like to possibly meet up with some other pathy owners sometime...maybe even take our trucks out to the woods somewhere. if anyone is out there , please reply!
  4. Both of my Nissans! Love them to death.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum , a month ago , I just purchased a 04 pathfinder LE platinum edition with 140xxx thousand miles on it, it's a beautiful canteen green with leather tan interior. I loved seeing what everyone has done to their pathys and I'd like to get some things added to mine in the future as well. I want to take mine off roading but some light stuff at first (which I already played around with it) it would be a nice hobby. I live in Pennsylvania, and this is the first pathy I owned but my mom had a 2000 pathfinder SE, it was silver, she kept it in very good condition and 5 years ago she traded it for another car... Her car was the car I got my drivers license in, I passed 100%, which is the reason why I wanted a pathfinder again, I just remembered how reliable it was and I loved borrowing it from her, I was very upset when she got rid of it, I love Nissan, my first car was an 01 Sentra, I then sold it in 09 and got a 2003 Nissan Maxima (which I still have) because I wanted a bigger car. Since my girlfriend and I were sharing the Max , I decided to get a pathfinder for me and let her have the Max. I have checked out quite a few and finally found one that was in the best condition. Since we get a lot of snow in the winter , you can only imagine. The only thing that was wrong with mine was the exhaust system was rusted bad and I already got part of it fixed with a muffler on the way. Other than that the truck is in great shape!! I'm hoping to learn what I can from this forum, I'm glad to have found it and glad to have found a community that appreciates the Nissan Pathfinder as much as I do!

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