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  1. I will definitely give everyone an update in the near future.
  2. I used sta lube GL-4. I finished the conversion about a week ago so the fluid that I drained out was fresh. I replaced it with Valvoline Dexron 3. I did a little research on the effects of atf on the synchros and didn't come up with much regarding damage/corrosion. I'm sure that a properly maintained trans with GL-4 will last a long time. I prefer to follow the factory recommended lubricants, but just couldn't handle the stiff shifting for the first few miles and the atf completely eliminated that.
  3. I just finished a 5 spd conversion on my '88. I noticed that the shifting was stiff and clunky especially when cold. I used 5.1 qts of 75-90 gl4 as recommended. I was told years ago from a mechanic friend that he uses atf/Dexron in most manual transmissions and gets excellent results. I tried it on an older BMW a long time ago and remembered that the results were noticeably improved. So I dumped the gear oil out on my pathy today and filled it with Dexron. The results are NIGHT and DAY! Shifts like butter now. I'm actually amazed by the results.
  4. Vacuum break switch for turning off the cruise control when hit the brake pedal? Just a guess...

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