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  1. I too will be in need of a suspension replacement soon and figured the HD springs would be a good OE replacement. Does anyone have additional pictures for reference? I have a 2000 LE. Thanks Kyle
  2. Parts suggestions? My pathfinder has ALWAYS had issues with weight. A tv in the back would weigh it down substantially. I would love for the truck to ride level with 4 people in it. Should I get new springs or shocks? Suggestions? Thanks so much Kyle
  3. The only issue I forsee with "adding" to my existing suspension is that the truck has 198,000 miles on it. Its in perfect shape and well maintained however can't remember if I have ever replaced any suspension pieces. I will look into the above mentioned suggestions, I may just add new shocks and springs all around, any suggestions other than OME? Thanks again. Kyle *edit* after looking at that amazon link I am very intrigued, I will try and source some install instructions. Does anyone have any experience with these?
  4. Hello All, I may be turning my 00 LE R50 into a bit of a two rig. I always hated how easily the rear suspension is effected by weight of any kind, so I figure if I were to be towing two seadoo's I would surely need to upgrade my suspension in some way. I am not opposed to a lift either, but would like to try and keep my existing 255/70/16. Thank you in advance. Kyle
  5. Hello, I have a 2000 LE 4x4 (incase it makes a difference), the exhaust seems to be built with a metal heatshield around the majority of the exhaust (after flex pipe). Just as it splits in to a Y there is a metal piece connected to the underbody that connects to tabs on the metal heatshield of my exhaust. I am sure it is common, but one of these tabs has broken off. I was looking for something to repair it, but have not seemed to find anything. Can take pictures if need be, please let me know if anyone has had this problem and knows of a solution short of replacing from the headers back. Thanks in advance Kyle
  6. I would be ok with .5" of lift however most people don't experience that kind of gain, but more like 1.5"-2". Thanks anyway
  7. Ok, I just did some measuring. On flat surface from dead center of wheel to beginning of fender is as follows: Front 18 1/2" Rear 17 5/8" I really didn't think it was that noticeable, but I suppose it is. Anyone else have these kinds of measurements laying around? Thanks
  8. Hello all, I have a 2000 R50 Pathfinder 4x4 LE, which currently has 170,000 miles on it. I have always experienced a little bit of a soft ride, however I was thinking of maybe replacing just the springs. My goal is to have no lift yet retain a stiffer spring that won't sag with weight passengars etc, additionally I hit bump stops a lot of speed bumps and such. I drive it daily and will be using factory shocks and struts so I want it to be comfortable as well. 4x4parts.com has a .5" lift spring from OME for a heavy duty application, however after reading reviews some people saw as much as 2" of lift, not for me. Please help me out and let me know if there is anything out there. Thanks Kyle
  9. Yeah the hole right in front of the radiator, I'll try and post pics of my progress of the truck soon Obviously they would have to be smaller or square.
  10. I have a White 2000 R50 and I wanted to add some smaller 100W Auxiliary lights, but I am not sure if I want the Westin light bar. So i was seeing if anyone has put a set of lights behind the bumper so they aren't really visible just functional. Please let me know if you have any info, thanks in advance Kyle Edit: I would also be interested in a light that has a black cover so it's not seen until i uncover it.
  11. That's one thing I am afraid of, that and wiring. Mine is a 2000 Pathfinder I was just seeing if it was feasable. P.S. I should be ordering my grabber at2's this week thanks again for the advice. If you have anymore pics shoot em my way.
  12. As the topic states I am curious to know what is involved with putting QX4 headlights in an R50 pathfinder. More importantly if it can be done or if it has been done. Thanks Kyle
  13. Thanks for everyones replies I think I am going to go with 255/70/16 woot kyle
  14. Fueler... Truck looks great, any more info on it as far as wheels and you rub etc. Looks great Kyle
  15. Any more pictures of the 265/70 would be awesome THANKS
  16. navygz19, That is exactly what I am looking for, do you have any more pictures or can you supply any more info on the tires, thanks kyle
  17. As the topic states I am interested in seeing what the R50s look like with a 255/70/16, 265/70/16 or any other larger than OEM tire size (255/65/16) on a car with stock suspension. I already did search, but just let me know what you have I would appreciate any help. TIA Kyle

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