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  1. Does anyone know what size the body bolts on a 95 LE are? I have lift blocks and don't want to pull the bolts until I have the new ones in hand.
  2. I looked into Plasti dip and really don't think it's durable enough. My neck of the woods is all brush and mud and it's deer season. I am looking at 3m because it's inexpensive and easily patched.
  3. When you pull out a new Jeep Liberty and the guy says his wife is going to kill him.
  4. Replaced the belts. Fabbed the worst front bumper[ needed it street legal to get to the woods] from pipe that i had laying around the shop. Tied the glove box closed with line from a gator hook. went and had some fun. pulled out a new jeep.
  5. when you click pathfinder on the after market web sites and the screen goes blank.
  6. cool. I was thinking about fabbing a snorkel and saw that flange at wal mart and thought it would work. Now I know.
  7. So i've been thinking of using 3m bed liner to paint my pathy. I just have to figure out if I can spray it. Any suggestions?
  8. 2000 vw 1.8 turbo very heavily modified. 2012 nissan altima. my boat.
  9. When you want to buy stock in a door handle company so you can get in your driver side.
  10. Hi guy's. I just picked up a 95 LE for $700.00. I actually bought it from a guy who had it in a pawn shop and couldn't test drive it so I didn't really know what I was getting. It had some front end damage but I really just bought it to pull my boat. I have built several trucks over the years and wasn't too worried about it. So after getting it home and cutting the front bumper off and straightening the fenders a little we headed for the woods for a light shake down run. Here's what I got for $700.00. Everything works! I got lucky this time. It's a little loose on the road [ feels like tie rods]. I didn't get into anything heavy but it pulls well and rides well on the trail. So it begins again. I'm putting on the rack today to fix the loose issue and will be fabbing new bumpers this weekend. ordering a 3" body lift tomorrow. I have a habit of going overboard on my trucks but I'll try to control myself this time. I'll post pics as I go and I'm always open for suggestions. Thanks

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