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  1. well guys when I had the pathfinder i did a lot of work to it and sold it for about 2400 if memory serves, and it only has about 8k miles more now! its like they never drove it... the shifting issue sounds like a speed sensor, because he says you have to put it into first, then second, then drive or else it wont shift out of first. also ive been looking for another pathfinder, but i want something with manual windows, locks, mirrors, etc which this one is. and is rare to find honestly! also im stuck on a 94 or 95. like you said a thousand bucks isnt much to risk, i have a shop and the ability to swap trans if it comes to that. but it is getting up there in millage. Im going to look at it this sunday, i will keep you guys posted!
  2. Hey guys, its been a while. I used to own a 95 XE but had to sell it for many reasons. HOWEVER I stumbled upon it on craigslist, check it out. http://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/5311262166.html I think I can probably end up getting it around the $1000 range, but with it having "shifting issues" maybe its not worth the hassle, and I should just buy a different one. Im definitely Biased towards my old pathfinder, that rig was the one i miss the most and regret selling. Is a thousand dollar rig worth doing a tranny swap into?
  3. Can we see the vw? Golf? Passat? Short mod list?
  4. War of Change (Andy Hunter remix) - Thousand foot Krutch. Shows my youth I suppose.
  5. I didn't find a thread like this, title says it all, so besides the pathy, what do you drive? Let's see some pics! If it already exists, just point me there I was inspired to make the thread after a photo shoot with my '88 MR2. And rockin a '98 A4 for winter.
  6. Wallpaper for phone! Lock screen Home screen pic Desktop wallpaper I know what I like.

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