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  1. I don't know if you guys have these in the states, but the good old Club Lock usually is a good visual deterrent. It's a lock that goes on the steering wheel, preventing a thief to turn the steering wheel. I know thieves can overcome Club Locks but it's gonna at least slow them down a good amount of time. If a thief sees a Club Lock they would probably just move onto an easier target.


    Yup, we have those here.


    Not a bad visual deterrent.

  2. Now see, that's what I'm looking for... What kind of price range is something like that?

    I will be building/buying something to put in my 91 this coming spring, whether it's building my vg30e or buying a vg33e and modding it. Either way, I'm going to pump up the volume on my pathy.



    Not a clue.

    Got lucky and bought it done.


    I think a couple members have done it themselves though. Try searching or starting a thread on it.

  3. MULLET!!! :ar15:


    Ehem. Nice truck!



    So, if you want to upgrade and you are pulling/working on the motor, I highly recommend that you ditch the VG30 (actually, just sell it as a running motor) and install a VG33.

    VG30E produced 153 hp (114 kW) and 182 lb·ft (247 N·m).

    VG33E, with 168 hp (125 kW) and 196 lb·ft (266 N·m) torque.


    Add VG30e cams (stock, euro or stage 1 performance), intake/headers and full exhaust (with all the other factory VG30 stuff on it) and it you will have a bullet proof runner producing 180-190hp/200+ lb-ft that passes smog. Bolts up the same, minor bracket work for accessories, no hurting the motor, no detonation, no ecu/injector change. It is running everything at the limits, but within spec...

    All documented here Bud, so time to look around a bit. ;)




    I agree. Very happy with what I have, though its a little more built than that.

  4. I've seen several guys talk about the Doug thorley with 2.5" all the way back. I'm wanting to do that as well. I'm also planning on the electric radiator fan swap (with higher output alternator).


    Quick question on the cams... Can you still pass emissions with them in a vg30? I'm coming up on a timing belt water pump job and wondering if it would be worth it now, or will I have to wait till this old girl hits exemption status...


    I'm passing smog in California with cams, Doug Thorley headers. pistons, bored block. new ecu, etc.


    It can be done.

  5. For the record, I got ahold of theexbrit. He said the bumper has held up well.


    A couple braces were added between body and bumper to stop lateral movement, but it works great and the approach angle is much nicer with this bumper.


    Thats what I got for ya.

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  6. What are you trying to do with the rear control arms? Replace them, or just the bushings?


    Yes, they are fairly gutless; 2+ tons and 150hp/180ftlbs torque. The only reason they move at all is gearing, but then they weren't built to win races either.

    Yes, you can swap in some other VG motors, but IIRC the z31 version has different heads and is too wide to fit without modifications (verify that, the info is here). If you want more power, make sure your motor is tuned properly, is in good shape, install aftermarket air filter and exhaust system with headers and that is about as good as it gets without swapping motors.

    If you swap motors, go straight to the VG33 with 170hp/200ftlbs torque. That motor coupled with good intake, exhaust and VH30 cams (more aggressive) will net higher numbers, and then there is the option to build a vg34 (again, info is here).


    Honestly, my stock 1995 VG30 with headers/exhaust and 31" tires is fine for me unless I'm loaded and in high altitude, which is rare. It is a tough little 4x4, I don't expect it to light up the tires or post numbers in the 1/4 mile... :shrug:




    I light up the tires. :whistle:



    (I'm sorry I couldn't resist.)


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