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  1. For those interested, I changed the fluids, the battery, and she cranked right up! Driving her around and enjoing that magnaflow muffler a little more. Now starts the long process of rust repair, building the suspension, and getting her back to a much better restored and preserved condition. I'll be posting about all these things soon, and looking for a bit of guidance.
  2. Long ways away from being what I want her to be.

  3. Is there any reason to not go with a 16" wheel setup?
  4. Hey folks, is there any reason I cant run 15x10 wheels with 3.5 BS on a 3" lift? Or any reason I shouldnt run 16x8/16x10 wheels with 3.5 BS? Ive found a few deals and figured the 33x12.5 tires I bought would fit a little better. Thoughts?
  5. I do have the stock shiny wheels with 31x10.5r15 bfg a/t t/a ko on them. I would go with logos but they seem difficult to find in good shape. I looked into soft 8s etc... just didn't know if anyone had a better choice. Thanks for the support!
  6. Mind if I ask how you relocated your ECM? I am in desperate need of some sort of write up... before I sink mine again.
  7. Update time! (We've been busy in Afghan, sorry.) Nissan is high and dry...and more than dried out. ECU is questionable. Tested good but still not sure. Changing every fluid including the blinker fluid, and trying to turn it again. Hoping for the best. Pictures will be taken as things progress. Plans for now; JGC coils, t-bar crank, rancho shocks. General grabber red letter tires JWT ECU Some body patches New clutch (possibly) Manual hubs Stereo system install That being said, anyone else know a source for an ECU? Better suggestion on tires? Good wheels to run that "fit" better than stock? Shock size to run after lift? Any general advice? I'll keep you updated.
  8. I'll be back in October. I'm gonna pay a company to ship it to Maryland next week. I'll get the info ASAP with pictures. Words case scenario when it gets home my folks will photo it.
  9. Its manual. As for the numbers id have to get the guy back home to look. He's kinda turning shady though. Im looking into transport companies though to get it back home to Maryland. Think I found some good options. Being deployed makes this way less fun.
  10. Its manual. As for the numbers id have to get the guy back home to look. He's kinda turning shady though. Im looking into transport companies though to get it back home to Maryland. Think I found some good options. Being deployed makes this way less fun.
  11. Ecu is fried. Any suggestions on replacement short of a junkyard?
  12. Gas is being swapped, fluids are being swapped, and we are gonna try and start it again. With barely over 100k on the car... I'd like to save it. Worse case scenario I do a full rebuild and get to do all the modding I want! Thanks for the input on pictures. I'm not sure the WiFi here I'll upload much though.
  13. Oh it dried out. Southern ga is about as dry as it gets... its an oven. And yes it was inside. All sorts of inside. So the ECU sat under the water. Since it cranked over though... I felt good about it. The water did not go up the exhaust. It went under while running, then back out before dying. And no, no snorkel... just happened to only sink the right side. Distributor sounds logical though.
  14. Someone please help me save my pathy!

    1. ahardb0dy


      Bring it over I'll help you


  15. Long story short, pathfinder ended up nose first into a river. The water reached the window on the passenger side, and halfway up the door on the driver. It sat for most of the day before being pulled out by a huge bronco. The vehicle ran once in the river, intake was not submerged, tried paddling out backwards but then it suddenly died. Exhaust tip was partially submerged. Let sit for 6 months in south ga sun. Put a new battery in, and it cranked over. Im afraid to start it mainly because i dont want it to mess things up worse. It has sat for a year like that in a yard at my mechanics house. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and am trying to get it fixed while I am gone. Which is why I need the forums help... Where do I even start? Obviously I'll be changing the fluids out and putting a new battery in... but where do I go from there? How can I tell if my ECU is fried before I even start this project? I had wiring problems previously with the door chime staying on, the ignition always thinking the keys were in, and the parking lights never turning off... I'm afraid to even know what I have now. I'd really like to save her, but i need some good knowledge and technical advice... any takers? I'll post pictures once I get a webhost, or i can send them to anyone interested in doing that for me.

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