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  1. i shifting this way than it on 2H i pushed it down and when one fast smoth move all the way to 4L same way back Try to push on stick before you take it to 4L
  2. If i want lift my Pthy only for 2.5" can i still use "usual" plates?
  3. Hi! I will lift my Pathy in special shop (close to summer) But skid plates i want to install by myself I found plates on this link front https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-front-skid-plate-p-3445.html midle https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-center-skid-plate-p-3453.html and i will need pay 330$(for both) + 80 $ for shipment ==== Anybody know any other supplier for skids ? may be in Colorado?
  4. Hi! I cant find any theme about oil My Path has 152.000 miles Engine in very good condition - no leaks , compression is like new, and full of power I think it becose all 8 years oil was changing every 3000 miles 9i saw it on carfax records) For right now i used Valvoline Conventional 5W30 May be switch to full sintetic or it doesnt matter with 152.000 miles on engine? Or may be it better to use special oil for high milage engines? Or may be just regular oil with some special additives? Im asking cose i want keep engine in same good condition
  5. For right now i didnt replace bulb cose it light on by itself and its ok already 1 week but i bought 2 bulbs for 7 $ eash in just case it will shut off again...
  6. yes i thougt that problem is connections (bulb come on and off for a while) but mechanic sad its only about bulb
  7. lights was caming on and off for 1 months - now they shutting - i think its importent to know tempreture i will update here --- thanks for links
  8. Hi I need replace RPM and Temprature gauges Bulb its behind dashboard please somebody how i can take dashboard apart? thanks
  9. Hi! I planing lift my Path for 2.5". What suspension kit you can advise?
  10. On 3.5 path no timing belt so pump is gear driven i afraid if pump will brake water will get inside the engine (cose it gear driven) On official maintanance book is nothing about how and when change it So what sings to change it? Noise? what kind of noise/
  11. hi! 2002 , 3.5 , v6 , pathfinder, 150000 miles when i need change water pump if it never changed before? thnks

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