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  1. I can totally agree that removing the whole fan switch assembly is a royal pain in the butt !! i pulled one out of a pathfinder at the junkyard and with the other 3 sliders all using cables it doesn't want to move at all when you attempt to pull out the assembly. My fan is doing the opposite as yours, only working on 4 anbd hopefully all it will be is the resistor.
  2. I used to have a dual remote mount filter on my 87 hardbody, had it mounted below the pass.side door, but I def. agree a body lift solves any problems in removing the oil filter. Also makes removing the starter much easier too.
  3. I did a search but didn't see anything, is there a thread some where on swapping the auto trans for a manual trans on the WD21 pathfinder?
  4. So any difference in how the steering feels using the manual box instead of the idler arm? Just to be clear on this, you used a manual steering box and a power steering pitman arm to replace the idler arm? I guess you had to drill one hole for the upper left bolt and you had to slot the upper right hole? Other than trimming the bumper bracket and relocating the power steering hose everything else was a bolt on? Thanks
  5. Thanks,have to take a few new pics today, the flares are back on, I only painted the center caps the wheels I just cleaned
  6. here are some pics of my new to me 94 Nissan Pathfinder: after I re-indexed the torsion bars rear view, I have the missing center cap on now: center cap before paint: after paint: and although this is a pathfinder forum here is a few of my 87 hardbody back in it's prime:
  7. Thanks !! i will post some pics of the Pathfinder as soon as I figure out how too
  8. my master cylinder must be leaking into the booster, mechanic filled resovior today than when I went to pick the truck up it was low again, no sign of fluid anywhere on the ground, truck has 4 wheel disc brakes, he said I probably need a new master cylinder and that the fluid is probably leaking into the brake booster, does anyone know if there is a seal I can just replace? I'm on a budget right now and can't afford to replace the master at this time, thanks
  9. I'm pretty sure they still are the adjustable shocks but will double check in a few minutes, thanks
  10. The fan switch only works on the highest setting (#4), tried cleaning the switch with spray from outside, removed the resistor behind the glove box, and took it apart, all it has are 3 coils of wire which from research I did last night just lowers the voltage to the fan motor depending on what fan speed you select. I can't see how this resistor (3 coiled wires) can go bad, I cleaned it and re-installed it and still only have fan on setting 4. Is there something else that controls the fan? Any idea what to check next? THANKS
  11. 94 Pathfinder, I'm getting water on the pass. floor after it rains, I had to remove the carpet and padding from in front of the pass. seat as it was shot from water damage. When I first noticed the water it looked like the water was coming out of the main harness, I removed the factory tape on the harness and spread the wires out to dry, a day later I re-taped it up. I used a garden hose to see where the water was coming in from, both sunroof drains are working properly, the grommet for the door wires on the body side was not in properly and I fixed that but water still is getting in. We thought the water was coming into the outside air intake under the wiper cowl and I removed the plastic cover over it and put some RTV on the edge of the plastic and re-secured it using a few extra screws so it is held down more securely, but still getting water inside. Going out today to see if I can see any daylight from under the dash. I know it is not from the heater core as it is not even connected right now, and it can't be from the AC as the AC doesn't work yet. Anyone have any other places where I can look? THANKS
  12. Hello, just picked up this 94 pathfinder from a co-worker, I had a JDM engine swapped in and am trying to sort out some problems. This post is about the switch for the adjustable shocks. I doubt the shocks even still work as they are probably original, my friend wasn't known to be real good on doing maintenance on this truck. Anyway, I'm not getting anything when I press the rocker switch either way, it's possible a bulb in the switch may be out and will check that today but I removed the switch from the harness and am not getting any power at any of the terminals on the harness side. Anyone ever experience this problem? THANKS
  13. Just want to add one thing about the broken exhaust manifold studs, I didn't see this mentioned and if it is I'm sorry, the reason the studs break from what I was told is due to the exhaust manifolds warping, so if you do have a broken stud, The FSM recommends removing the manifold and checking the surface with a straight edge, if the surface is not straight the studs will most likely break again. I also read somewhere a long time ago that some people were upgrading the studs to one larger size, I read where someone mentioned a fix using 300 XZ TT studs but I don't know if they are a different metal or larger.
  14. Hello all, Just found this forum thru a link on another Nissan Forum. About me, 44 years old originally from Long Island New york, had a 87 Nissan 4X4 pickup king cab SE-V6 that I bought new up in NY, went 4 wheeling almost every day of the week in NY. Used to work at a 4 wheel drive shop (The Truck Shop) and broke and repaired stuff that most people will never break on their truck in their life's, LOL. I'm a Nissan man having owned a 80 Datsun 310GX before my 87 Hardbody, hardbody also being my CB handle and ahardb0dy which I use as my forum name on most forums. So first Nissan was the 310GX, than the 87 hardbody I owned for 14 years thru 2 engines, one being a JDM engine, the 87 had a 160 amp alternator in it from Wrangler, I had a 3" body lift,2" suspension, most parts were from JIM CONNOR RACING now closed down, truck originally had 35" BFG mud terrains on it with a triple double roll bar. Now living in Central Florida about 20 minutes North of Orlando, I now have a 90 Nissan Sentra, a 2005 Nissan Titan SE 2 WD and just picked up a 94 Nissan Pathfinder from a co-worker, it's a 4X4 SE model, auto trans ( for now), and I just had a JDM motor swapped in as the motor in it was shot. I'm working on the pathfinder day by day to bring it back to life, it's 90% done, it runs and drives just have a few small problems, a few I will post here about. Well that's it for now, glad to be a member here and hope my years of experience with the D21 pickup can help someone out. I also have the NISSAN FAST system on my computer and have access to all the models, US, JDM and Europe if anyone needs anything looked up. Thanks

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