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  1. Hey your welcome =) Im from Everett, WA.

  2. Jeff is a good guy to do business with! He kept me up to date on things and was prompt with delivery. Thanks again Jeff!

  3. sweet I wanna see that baby on!
  4. nice that sounds like quite the fun project! glad to hear that you got it taken care of it must have been a lot of work. Im feeling much better now and was able to drive my truck and get around. It didnt last long though as my energy didnt go too far hehe
  5. no i didnt use anything like that. I even used nitrile gloves when dealing with any grease or anything like that too. The ER test said that it was the flu, and I had not felt 100% the days before too. I think just working so hard out in the rain really set it off. I finally get to eat some soup im excited! lol It is such a great feeling to be able to drive my truck again and knowing I did it all makes it even better. What was going on with your truck?
  6. So I worked hard and got my truck finished. Well directly after I started to come down with something. At around 9 I started spilling my guts everywhere and ended up having to go to the ER until 4am! I just couldnt hold any liquids in. Man that sucked, and I still am trying to recover. The good news is though, my truck runs and drives amazing now. No more grinding noises or wobbly front end. I thought the grinding I heard was my tranny. But it def was my front right bearing. Im so happy about it! Anyways, look out for the flu bug, its a nasty one!
  7. hey thats a pretty good idea! It can get wet and muddy and not have too many probs cleaning it.
  8. In my experience with carpeting, dynomat is the best way to go so later down the road your not dealing with all that crud under your carpet and getting moldy. So, if it were me, Id get the thin stuff and some dynomat. Plus it probably saves a ton of weight!
  9. Yeah TG for that. I wouldnt have had the money for it. I would have had to make my gf wear something skimpy while I make off with my truck lol
  10. haha your neighbors must have cobwebs on their cars or something... hmm and probably other places too... lmao!
  11. thats just plain mean! Hmm let me pay 150 bucks to tow my car across the street and change the flat. NICE. Some people were born without a heart, too bad we cant just throw water on them and they melt away!
  12. wow, what a day! so I woke up and contacted the office and they let me keep my truck there to work on it. They were actually pretty cool about it. I guess as long as there isnt any oil changes going on they were somewhat ok with it. So my package finally arrives and guess what, one of the tie rods is wrong... great. So I go to autozone and get two for 50 bucks that fit (ouch). It starts to pour down rain. Great... again. So being the mac guyver that I am I took a tarp, two shopping carts tilted up on their backs, and made myself a "garage". Everything went pretty smooth from there on and here I am at 7pm finally DONE!!! Oh wait, no I go to start the truck and... dead battery. Forgot I was blastin tunes all day lol... So now I just wait until the GF gets home from work and Ill finally get to drive it for the first time in over 3 weeks. What a dilemma... Glad its over thought I tell you what! p.s. yeah apartment life is like living on cloud -9...
  13. lol Ive been leanin wheels on it all week. I cant put the wheels on and move it cuz some stuff was shot in there and just wansnt any good (my wheel was about to fall off type of deal) I dont have the right kind of jack, and id be scared to move it and have it fall off. Plus im minus on the buddies part too.
  14. So my truck has been sitting for over 2 weeks at my apartments with no front wheels on it waiting for some new parts. Well today was the day Im supposed to get my package in to fix everything and low and behold the jerks post a tow warning on my truck. UPS somehow "screwed up my address" which really means they didnt get here on time and the office closed at my apartments. So I call UPS and finally get someone on the phone (after someone answering, leaving the phone on the table for like 10 minutes, and then crumpling paper at the mic, and hanging up on me) and they tell me its supposed to come tomorrow, at the same time... hmm - if the office was closed today, what makes you think they will be open after 6 tomorrow????? I asked her if I could drive to Redmond to pick it up at the delivery post and shes like, well... no they wont want to dig it out of everything, its probably still on the truck for tomorrow.... Its the end of the day, the dang truck is EMPTY. So it all adds up to, my trucks getting towed at 4pm tomorrow, my package is arriving when the office is closed, at 6:30, and Im broke. Someone shoot me, please?
  15. Well its good to hear for the most part the rest of it is in good working order. I want to ask you to save your old tranny for me when you get the new one. I'll help put it in if you need a hand too. Id like to tear apart your old one, and possibly rebuild it. Just for the knowledge alone. We can then work out something if you wanna keep it for a spare for later. I run a 5spd so I have no use for it- But I do intend to know up to the 95's like the back of my hand by the time Im old and wrinkly. =)

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