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  1. To bad the Checkers in my town just turned into a MACS.
  2. My sinuses used to get really bad in the spring and fall when i was a kid I used suddafed and worked good but i dont think you can buy it anymore because people used it to make meth.
  3. hopefully he'll come down on price quite a bit or else I'd just forget about it. Most used car dealer are terrilble to deal with and thier mark up is rediculous. My dad took his 91 toyota pickup 2WD to auction that had 271000 miles on it, he hit a deer with it and never fixed any thing but the headlight, interior was shot, body was cover in scratches and dings sold for $1300 at aution to a used car dealer in town he sold it a week later fo $2700 on his lot.
  4. You want the 22R I4 in those toyota trucks they go forever and they actually got power, the V6's were gutless gas pigs.
  5. 86 the switched to independant front ends
  6. Toyota trucks hold their value pretty good but not that good even though its lifted and has some nice tires on it I'd pay 3500 max. My brother bought a 94 4runner about 3 years ago that had a flawless body with a 130000 miles on it and 31 BFG all terains for only 3200.
  7. Well I went and took a peek at it tonite actually and his add talked up this pathfinder alot. I arrived to see a white pathfinder cover with pink and teal pint stripes all over and it looked like it had been beat to death. The front wheel wheels wells where about an inch and of half from ruubing on the tires not because i had big tires the front end squated that much, there was a spare tire rack on the back at one time but it was nowwhere to be found just a couple of bolt holes, the rocker panels were almost totally rusted away, the front driver side fender was pulverized, it had a few pieces of the factory spoiler left on it but most of it was gone ,there were minor rust spotsd all over the truck needles the paint was shot,and the frame also had rust all over it. So i was talking with the guy after going around the truck and i said how bout 400 bucks and he said how bout a 1000 I said no way. I told him you pretty much got a parts truck here and he said yeah I know I'll sell you any parts you want off of it so I did buy a set of 4 lego rims with some newer 31x10.5 cooper tires on them for a 180 bucks and a 2 inch reciever hitch he threw in for free. So we wheeled it in to his back yard because it wouldn't start at this time to jack it up on blocks to take the wheels off where he had 6 K5 blazer that were mostly parted out 1 blazer that was jacked up with 35's on it. But yeah i got a set of new wheels and tires for my path finder now and a hitch.
  8. Yeah i think 1k would be alright if the tranny worked but those take lots of time and you gotta find a tranny thats doesnt have a million miles on it in a scrap yard which is hard around herebut I think im going to offer right around 650 if its actually got a good set of tires and a couple og other parts i can use.
  9. Heres the link. My link Well I talked to the guy on the internet a little bit today and this is pretty much what he told me. "there is very little rust. it has been hit on the drivers side fender. "a brand new one is $85". it does run and has first and third gear going forward. no reverse. you can wind it up in first gear and let it shift to third. max speed is about forty miles an hour. zakk wylde is god" I'm pretty much looking at this for a parts truck but i havent totally ruled out the option of fixing up this one to. But hes asking $1000 bucks for it which I think is way to much because my 93 SE that I drive now with a 160000 miles on it I only got 650 bucks into and all it needs now is tires. I'll try and snap a few picks tommorow but I'm just curious what would you guys offer for this truck from what ive told you about it.

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