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  1. Aye curumba .. thats what I feared the pro shops have a booty stretcher but in order for it to work you must be able to clear the CV at both ends .. yup it looks like the diff side is just bolts/nuts but the outer is a very large and super tight nut inside the locking hubs.. Maybe this could be a job for .. .. .. "Batmechanic" and his sidekick "Robthem" on the labour well some things you just cant do yo self
  2. I think skippys saying "thats not a shrimp on the barbie! this is a shrimp on the barbie!" Nice photo however when ever I see fine images like that it involks an automatic dialogue .. .. Say I say boy git down where and pass me ma 303 .. .. nahh just kidding we all love skippy in the west of east
  3. Lower blue mountains on the Gt western Hwy route Been around your neck of the woods a few times down on Stockton beach had some fun got bogged and helped guys who were bogged in the knee deep sand drifts, thrashed the dunes and the bowls, camped the night and awoken in the middle of the night by varmit potaroo's (rodent sized kangaroos) licking the sausage grease from my face(scared me senseless actually) and the next day got ripped by those awesome currents on that shark infested beach! Oversize aussie Salmon were fun to catch but not a very nice meal. no wonder the white pointers lurk that place. Love that district!
  4. Excellent info .. 5.25" (13.33mm) OD is around about what I get measuring from the base of the spring's using my cheap but almost precise chinese caliper. The guy on ebay I found sells a 15mm (5.90" to you guys)lift polyurethane set for the Nissan GU/GQ patrol But sadly he doesnt say anything about the IS & OS diameters I hope his gear works with my stock pathfinder springs IS - OS diameters it would get me out of trouble .. I'll Q him. I cant see if theres upper rubber isolaters but your advice and logic tells me that there is so if the ebay guy cant help me then I'm going to print the link info and head down to the Wreckers to do me some pulling proly think a firmer set sounds rational after all those hard corrugated trails we have here could do with some tempering. Cheers and beers
  5. Sorry for a mundane Q but can you tell me what the rear spring seat size and widths for the WNYD21 is as my lower rubber ones have perished and Ive found a guy selling 1.5in urethane lifty types on ebay for dog cheap. I did the fourum search and the v8 JGC is all that I can interpret to be the best fit?, in the good ole days I do remember someone saying the jeep cherokee front springs were interchangable with the WD21 rears, does anyone know from which model year exactly? or do I need to pull them and take them with me to the pull your own parts yard? for the full comparison Mine are a little saggy probably due to the rubber being totally shagged from my many off road adventures as well as their age, so Im thinking new(ish) springs and spring seats. just need to know thier dimensions before I go out to buy. Cheers and beers
  6. Hi members I'm BIGD21 an 88 Pathfinder wagon owner from a few years back, My truck has been sitting idle for a year because I have been away doing other stuff and now I am getting it back on the road and trails just in time for summer. I'm pretty good with the wrench and will help out were I can, I was a previous member with the same UID and occasional contributor to the damaged reality forum until some a$$hole decided to kill it! a tragedy felt around the world I hope you would agree. The damaged reality knowledged base was an incredible resource that I relied on for deep technical assistance in solving issues with my Pathfinder and I hope to see the database of it's calibre again resurrected. Apart from going offroad I enjoy sports, food, whiskey, beer, hot women and playing poker! See you outdoors or here on the boards BigD21
  7. Hi, I'm an 88 Pathfinder owner in need of some advice in regards to replacing torn CV boots, Has anyone done this proceedure, if you have can you please give me some advice on how to pull it off .. wo 2 go! I have the oem boots and the grease and the "well equipped" home workshop .. .. just no clue on the process Thanks in advance BTW: Some bogan pathfinder owner in west sydney stole the original FSM from Penrith public libruary and if your reading this grow a concinse and give it back! so we all can benefit!

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