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  1. yeah use leaf springs for my sas instead of running coils.
  2. soo i know i can use waggy leaf springs up front.. but what other ones can i use?? and also can i use any rear leafs up front?? sounds dumb but my buddy said its possible... so please! any info will be very helpful! thanks !
  3. hey guys so i have this offset rearend dana 44. its narrowed.. drum 6 lug. and i got this narrowed dana 44 front axle today and since the rear axle is offset to the passenger side.. can i use that rear axle???
  4. so i wanna sell my cat.. but i cant figure out if it has to pass emissions.. its 20 years old.. and i thought if it was 15 and older.. it didnt require emissions. does anyone know more about this subject?? Washington People Thanks!
  5. ahh i feel dumb as hell.. lol , yaa i was just being lazy ha
  6. 87Elephant


    what kind of axles should i run? and springs or coils? Thanks
  7. oo.. lol , well then jeep people are sort of.. ehh cause all the jeep forums say n offset dana 44.. is like rare and goes for like 300 bucks.. haa , and its not set up for coils in the rear.. and itll require some welding.. and i dont have a welder. lol prolly for christmas tho! , idk.. sell it and buy a dana 44 for the front
  8. is anyone familiar with it?? cause i purchased one complete one today for 50 bucks. gears are 3.08 ive been lookin up info on them.. they seem pretty rare.. could possibly sell for alot?
  9. aight well i jsut checked it.. the fuse is still good..
  10. okay so my break lights dont work on my 89.. i switch out the brake switch from the break pedal.. with the one from my 87 to the 89.. yet there were two switchs on the 89.. should i replace just the one with the other... or replace them both..?? OR! might there be something else casuing my break lights not work.. , the bulbs work.. because im using the ones from my 87..
  11. did you paint your stock rims black?
  12. okay , so its with what your saying its just plug n play? okay thats good to know cause i really wanna be able to drive it around and park it without the chance of it getting stolen
  13. Ok thanks i hope itll work , oo idk i just snagged a pic off the internet real quick.. was in ahurry had to got o the dentist..
  14. I have a ingition problem with the 89 , it doesnt have a key to start so i bought it without a key , but it has a switch thatll start it with anything flat.. screw driver..other keys.. sometimes dimes.. Ghetto i kno is there any possible chance i can switch the ingition from the 87 and install it in the 89. ? would it work?

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