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    Okay so i still have my 87,,but i bought a 89 :) already lifted 5 inchs on 33s , 2 door , 247k Miles , no Rust :) BL 3 SL 2 Plan on doing a SAS after i fix all the mechanical problems then gonna increase the SL by 4 or 5 inches Prolly run Coils with it After that.. roll on some 35x12.5 R15 on Black rims ! Finally.. finish paiting it!!
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Everett , WA

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Hey my name is brice , i am currently attending my last year of high school:)

i own a 87 and a 89 pathfinder both 4x4 2 door , 3.0 TBI , 5 speeds

But my 87 had a couple flaws that i was unaware of when i purchased.. Most of the body was all rusted out and i pretty had to strip all the seats..interior..carpet off.. and start gettin rid of the rust and replacing the holes with scrap metal.. , but it was getting to costly to fix every rust hole in that pathy..

soo this past weekend i went and looked at a 89 pathy.. oo man.. for 150 bucks more.. this one was in SUCH better condition.. also there was a couple bonuses to it. , it came with a 5 inch lift. 3 body 2 suspension , 33x12.5 R15s and a spare super swamper 32x12.5xR15 and a CB Radio! but it needs the attenna in order to work. and 190k less miles.. and theres no major rust issues with it.. just paint rust in a couple spots on the exterior.

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