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  1. Here is a pic of mine, only slight increase in sound if any at all. Where's my picture?
  2. Let's have a look at that new "Guard" you have there, glad to see it go to a good home. lol, it'll atleast keep the civics' & corollas' from scratching up that front end.
  3. nothing is wrong with the brakes, just feeling a little mushy when comparing to a new ride. the reason i ask, some other cars that have ABS don't require 2nd person to pump the brakes. by turning car/key on and with constant pressure applied on brake pedal, abs actuator pumps the fluid automatically & out come fluid when bleeder valve is cracked open. quick & simple just wondering if this is the case on this vehicle
  4. 01 qx4 with 70k, brake pedal feels mushy comparing to new. searched, but couldn't find anything on the forum. any one have step by step instructions for a flush job? it's front disc, rear drum, & abs, if that helps thanks, k
  5. I did a coolant flush today, only from the radiator drain location and refilled with same amount 50/50 mix. started the car and let it warmed up, but no heat at full hot setting (car has auto temp). any suggestions? thanks,

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