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  1. Yeah but in the "frozen tundra" that is Edmonton, that speed can be a hard commodity to come by. Even here with the ruts and ice I can usually get it started without assistance.
  2. I can't believe it's not butter........ Spray!
  3. Well, I have to say, with the ignition problems that I have been fawking with lately. I have to say that manual is nice because your never left stranded. Left your lights on..... Push it Starter bunged.......... Push it Weak Battery............ Push it Other than that, 4Lo in second = no clutch and most obstacles cleared.
  4. see, this is why this forum is so great. You ask a question you feel kinda silly asking and get reasonable, reliable, and often "Tried and tested" responses. Thank you guys for your input.
  5. I think that the mudders that I have on have been pounding the panel with rocks so its a fairly substantial hole. I may have to do the sheet metal patch greg mentioned. We'll see. Keep the suggestions coming, thanks everyone.
  6. HMMM.... Flammability, never thought of that. With exhaust directly under both sides, I am seeing the recipe for disaster. Dammit, I kinda thought that I had a decent idea there.
  7. Wow 6 months and not a single post... Come on West Can we can do better than that. Besides, I want some input on where are some good 4bying spots within an hour of Edmonton.
  8. Hello again, long time since I posted anything here. I have a question that may seem a little ridiculous to some but if you have a cheap viable alternative I am more than open to suggestions. The two rear quarter panels on my truck are rusted out, allowing water and mud into the "hollow" for the quarter panel where the tail light harness is. Now I live in Canada, so lots of snow and moisture. It is causing me issue and I think I have come up with a cheap although semi "redneck" fix. So here it is, if I were to plug the hole at the bottom and fill the quarter panel (1/3 to 1/2 full) with expanding foam would the pressure push out my panel. The expanding foam is water resistant and mold resistant so I think that it at least has some chance of being a successful stopgap. I hope this doesn't seem overly schtupid but I don't have the expertise or funds (or parts) to replace the panels properly. So what do you think? Workable? Fix but lame? Not gonna work? Just plain dumb? Anyways thanks as always for the input, and if you have a different suggestion please feel free to put it out there.
  9. Will these fit my truck, don't think our seller knows his pathfinders that well. 95-99 two different models right? WD21 and R50 correct. Anyways will these fit my 94? Hope noone scoops them before I can. http://edmonton.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-...QAdIdZ148680501
  10. Large psychiatric facility in Alberta (prefer not to name) Psych Aide (help with day to day needs of patients /"Intervene" when necessary) The wife is a psych nurse, thought it would pay the bills while i go to school for my certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. P.S. Anyone in Edmonton lookin for a safety guy.... <----- *pick me* *pick me*

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