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  1. http://www.petitiononline.com/notS2921/petition.html Sign it!
  2. The body of a Pleasanton man who was reported missing after failing to return from a camping trip last week has been found more than 200 miles away from home in a park east of Yosemite National Park.A Mono County search and rescue team notified Pleasanton police at 10:30 p.m. Thursday that 48-year-old Jay Lafontaine had been found in Bodie State Park, about three miles from where his black Jeep was found earlier in the day. Lafontaine was expected to return home Dec. 2 and last spoke to his family via his cell phone on Nov. 27, the day he left for the trip, according to Pleasanton police. Investigators believe Lafontaine’s Jeep got stuck in a ravine. Footprints in the snow indicated he was trying to walk out of the area for assistance, police said. Authorities indicated there were no signs of a struggle or foul play. The cause of his death hasn’t been determined.
  3. Please pass this around! Jay has been missing since last week. If you can, please help post this and pass this around or on other forums. He was last seen driving from Boomtown nevada to Death Valley on 11/27, driving a Jeep Rubicon - black, no doors. http://briancrichardson.blogspot.com...afontaine.html Thank you! http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=844594
  4. Any cal4wheel club has politics, we have to. Most of the politics are fighting to keep our trails open... I noticed you joined msav, didnt you take that ham class with us in EDH? it was me, brothergrim, lilraz, and zuzu that were there
  5. FOTR work weekends gonna make you feel better inside
  6. On Thursday, April 23rd the California Water Quality Control Board is having a public hearing in Rancho Cordova to finalize their decision on closing the Rubicon Trail. We are asking all NORA supporters within driving distance of Sacramento to attend this important public hearing. Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts need to show the Water Board the overwhelming public support to keep the Rubicon Trail open year-round. NORA’s goal is to have over (500) OHV enthusiasts present at this public hearing. This is serious. On April 1st of this year, the United States Forest Service issued a 2-year temporary closure of the very popular Tellico OHV Area in North Carolina. Help Rubicon from turning into a Tellico type situation, by showing your support on April 23rd. Assemblyman Ted Gaines and a representative from Congressman Tom McClintock’s office will be in attendance, as well as Off-Road Hall of Famer, Mark A. Smith. Local Sacramento news media will also be covering this historic event. Please call or email Erin Lara, Member Services Director at NORA to let her know if you are able to attend as we are trying to obtain a head count. She can be reached at (530) 333-1487, ext. 1 or info@nora-usa.com. Meeting Place and Time Location – 11020 Sun Center Drive # 200; Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 Date & Time – Thursday, April 23rd @ 12:30 PM Please show up in your rigs to show your support if you are in the Sacramento area!

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