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  • Sbrowning0723

    Unfortunatly both of my WD21's went to the scrap yard. Torque converter went out on my white SE and my XE parts truck went with it.

  • cnd.vlad

    I have to say thanks for all the people who contribute (or contributed) to this community. This REALLYYYY helps because there isn't much pathy content on Youtube. Thank you all who made NPORA possible and thank y'all who are helping me out with my questions. I think Im here to stay....?

  • PathfinderCanadianGirl

    Ok First of all im gonna say..... I love my 1988 Pathfinder. I told my friends id choose this over a brand new lincoln....i find myself rubbing the dash calling her my phat girl!  Ive been working on her so much and always new parts. So i have issues beyond meassure.
    Ill just start with the major one.
    So theres a scrapping noise coming from under the car.... I thought it was my clutch release barring so WSL sold me one seperately. Of course 3 cross members i took off the gear slid transmission  back. Popped in the barring.  The noise was still there. So then i ordered the whole clutch kit which comes with the releade barring and the special tool to put it in.... MY GOD LOTS OF WORK!    Finally i got it in.....nothing changed. Of course i drained fluid and refilled before and after.... I dont know what to do next?
    Details on the engine running:
    *sound is during idleing
    * 1st gear 
    *2nd gear
    *3rd gear
    *not in 4th (so im constantly trying to drive in 4th at 60km to save the embaressing looks)
    *5th even louder grinding
    When my clutch is down to switch no sound. But neutral idling its grinding
    Please help

  • WildGalicianPathfinder

    Joined on 2020...
    But 5 year offroading with a couple of Pathies all around my country!
    Nice to be here!!!!
    PS. Forums are not dead!!!

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