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New to me 2003 SE 4WD - White smoke... (code P0021) repair or engine swap?

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16 hours ago, mjotrainbrain said:


16 hours ago, Sjackson2 said:

I’m glad this somewhat worked out for you! 



So am I.  Who likes to start off feeling duped, and dropping a few grand unexpectedly into a vehicle that you thought was good-to-go!





16 hours ago, mjotrainbrain said:

For such a poor situation I guess it couldn't have worked out better, your legal fees were a lot less than it sounds like it would have cost to sort out that Pathfinder.


Now that you're still in the market, looking specifically for a Pathfinder or open to anything?  Perhaps you'll be swayed now that you know such a great resource about Pathfinders exist! 😁👍



It couldn't have turned out better!   Even if I had gone to court, and even if i had won, and proved that they had knowledge, and got triple damages, thus getting to keep the Pathy, plus get $5K or so  to repair it, plus get $10K more in compensation to keep... who wants that kind of hassle?

Not to mention, the dealer would probably appeal such a ruling, so it would extend the fight, and if I lost in court, I  might get nothing, and the judge might  even stick me with THEIR legal bill (the contract had such a clause, but it's up to the judge as to whether or not to enforce it).


I've always loved the pathfinder, and would be happy to own one anyday for myself or my mom!


Regarding my mom, after this experience, I've decided to rent an SUV for a few weeks for her, and then if it works well to lease a brand new, or no older than 2 yr old used vehicle.  My mom's 82, and will be driving alone, so it's probably a better idea to get her in a new or new-ish vehicle with a full warranty, and also pre-pay for all service, maintenance and repairs if possible, that way, all she has to do is drive, take it in and get a loaner occasionally, and call for a tow truck if she has any problems!


I do, however, have an almost-new cat-back walker exhaust from my neighbor's Pathy that I no longer need.  It fits 2000 to 2004 models.


If anyone wants it, i'll let it go cheap.  Pick up is in Arlington, VA.   I'm not sure it makes sense to ship the items --- but I'm willing to try if you do the legwork on shipping companies and shipping costs.    I'm asking $100 for the cat-back, but I'm open to offers.


I'll also post this in the classifieds, and on craig's list (at higher price there).  Truthfully, I just want to see it go to someone who needs it... but if I listed it for $25 or free, then people wouldn't value it, or would think something's wrong, so I'm asking $100 or best reasonable offer.


Great to know that this forum exists.    I currently have a 2008 4Runner V8 Limited 4x4 with about 135K miles as my daily driver -- it's no Pathy, but hey, you've gotta live with what you've got ! 😉


For a good laugh, here's a photo of what happened to my 2004 4Runner....  I've nick-named the vehicle sunken-treasure...


I was trying to launch a boat on a trailer, when the transmission pawl slipped, and the whole rig rolled down the launch ramp and into the water!  The boat floated, but everything else was fully submerged with 4 feet of water over the truck's roof line!  It's the reason why I now have a 2008!  I got a DC Duck to pull me out.  6 wheel drive, military amphibious vehicle... you can't beat it!  But we did a pop a few tow straps and one chain in the process!  


(That's me in the wet T-shirt!   Sexy huh?)





sunken treasure.jpg

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Oh, that does not look pleasant. At least you got a good story out of it!


When I was a kid, my dad and I went fishing at a lake in the middle of nowhere. His 2WD pickup (old square-body Chevy if I remember right) got stuck on the ramp, though thankfully it didn't slide in. There was no getting it out, and I don't think my dad had a cell phone, so we said screw it and fished until somebody else showed up to use the ramp and pulled us out.

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I’m glad you were able to get a resolution in your favor for this.

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