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kick down not working right. poss electrical help diagram needed

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I have a 2001 infinity qx4. Same thing as a pathfinder. with the vq35 that is a 3.5L not the 3.3L It is fully loaded 4x4 etc.


I have a brand new transmission installed and brand new engine. I am having a problem with the kick down. I can disconnect the lower plug on the TPS sensor and the car shifts just fine but I the transmission will not kick down a gear for WOT it just bogs down. When I have the plug plugged in The car will shift fine 1-2 then 2-3 will go to red line slam shift. Then 3-4 will sift flare real bad.


I think I have it figured out as a transmission tcm electrical problem. I am looking for wiring diagrams. I have changed the TCM and TPS with several spare parts to no avail.


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You can download the factory service manual here. The diagrams you're looking for are probably in either AT or EL. The AT section has some diagnostics that might help too (once you scroll past the instructions for using Nissan's CONSULT system). I would've expected a TPS fault as well, too bad it wasn't that simple. Good luck!

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I am not familiar with later model TPS's but is the position of the sensor adjustable on the TB?

Some aftermarket TPS are bad out of the box so it may take a couple to find a good one.

Seeing that you are OBD2 you should be able to pull codes and pinpoint from there.

Do you notice any changes with OD on and off?

Have you verified fluid temp?

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