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  1. Nissan Terrano WIDE BODY 1995 link
  2. 2 of them claim to be wide body terranos the other is just wrong
  3. jumper


    To the mods is there any chance of a diesel forum on here just to keep the diesel stuff together please
  4. what about this one :confused:
  5. hi dsb you will find there are only a few diesels on this site. i have a 92 td27t that is not stock any more, i will get some pics of the intercooler setup and where to turn the boost up.
  6. jumper

    Help me decide

    about the intercooler i got a used one for $70nz, rubber bends $50nz, 100mm of 3in alu tube off my unused nudge bars, free, 150mm 2in alu tube off an old light boom, free, hose clips $15nz that makes $135nz with $1565nz/au+/- left rear shocks cost me $180nz a pair is this about street or offroad?
  7. more like this snapped clean off
  8. who has bust a tie rod end ? where did it break? on the tie rod thread, on the smooth part of the rod, the joint or the tapered part and thread? the reason i ask is the first day my terrano is street legal i took it for a shake down run on a local coast track. all is fine no loose anything just need to trim more metal on the back wheel arch. second day went back on the same track to go fishing, got 3/4 of the way to the spot i was heading for ,which is a 50min walk over rough ground (*$%£),and was driving on a tiny pebble part of the track at about 25/30km when as i was turning right the truck decided to go left go out had a look and the left outer tie rod end had snapped on the smooth part this meant get a lift off the next truck to pass (5mins) he was good enough to tack me to the end of my road ,about 3.5km from the track, grab the old tie rod ends which should have been in the truck drive back in my other car then with the ends and heavy bits in a bag i walked back the (@£$%*^!) 50mins to the truck fitted the end and when fishing

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