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    *UPDATED* Axles and suspension: Calmini SAS kit , 3/4 ton Dana 44 front w/ crossover & Corporate 14 bolt Rear, both with 4.56 gears, Waggy springs up front, v8 JGC coils with 3" bolt in spacers out back. Stock 4 link utilized wth a slight mod to the upper links. Still need to buy shocks and hoops. Engine: Set Up for SBC. Will be building engine this winter. Tru-Kool 31x19" aluminum dual oval core radiator, Shorty block hugger headers, custom wiring harness and Auto Meter guages to keep tabs on it all. Transmission and transfer case: Muncie SM465 10 spline ( This is a compound low or "Granny Gear" 4 speed that gives me a 6.7 to 1 first gear.) NP205 Still looking for a hydraulic bell housing. Tires 36" Swampers but really needs 40-44" tires now. I had to lift it 4" higher since the photos due to exhaust clearance issues and my front axle love tapping my oil pan. Check out my complete build @ http://www.cardomain.com/id/tankyota
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    Serious Off Road Enthusiast
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    Offroading at night in the snow, plowing trails in the dark, playing guitar, being single, hanging out with my friends and doing truck builds. I love to fabricate.
  1. If you can have 5 little pictures, I would think i can just have one big one. Just push your screen away when you scroll past my posts
  2. Oh and hey if you want more pics go to my link in my sig. It has the entire build on it and some video's.
  3. Not code talk just safe talk. The last rig i put a ton of work into got stolen. I am between Alabama and Iowa. I am guessing the local truck thieves are just tweakers, not npora members though. But i still tend to be paranoid about it.
  4. Update! I just got a phone call and the 3-500 dollar bellhousing i needed is on its way for free! SAWEET!
  5. I was just thinking about PSYCHOPATHY. I can be a bit over the edge at times and the truck looks crazy so why not? I just never liked it because i only used two rigs to build it. My mazer had parts from 10 or more vehicles on it.
  6. Go for it man. I like stock ones as well, they do excellent offroad. I blew my engine at a Search and Rescue mud party a while back so i decided to go all out with it. I got a whole running 3/4 ton chevy with a Bad Arse small block in trade for that yellow t max that was no good to me if the truck didn't run. I lucked out on it being a roller motor and having 4.56 gears. The guy had no clue. All that was wrong with it was it only had first. I pulled the tranny and a pin had fell out of the shift forks so i managed to get it out of the trans with a magnet an got her all fixed up. So if you do it, save yourself some cash and buy an entire ford or chevy to do so. Should pick one up for $500-$1000
  7. Oh that's because that picture was taken in Texas. Everythings bigger down there. JK . I dont't know why its so big, I think that was a crappy cell phone i took it with?
  8. Hopefully Rolling wont be to much of an issue once i get the body lift out and install the suspension winches My main goal for now is running and driving on her own. Well running is not an issue. i just have to build an engine. Ive ran her before on first try. No wiring issues or cooling problems. Managed to suck down a gallon of gas during test and tune.
  9. Yeah but nothing on it is from a blazer. That would be good though if it was K5 parts.
  10. I have a friend thinking about wheeling one of those also. His main rig is a Sammy. My concern is that we see alot of low trees that you and I wont get under them without a chainsaw. Those roofs just look tall. I also wouldn't put a body lift on it. Top heavy. I am getting ready to pull mine out unless i just use this beast for Truck pulls and get another one for my trail / rock rig.
  11. Okay so years ago i put a Mazda B2000 cab onto a K5 Blazer chassis. We all called it the Mazer on a good day and Blazda on the bad ones. Here are the words to work with: Nissan Pathfinder or Pathy Chevrolet or Chevy Silverado ( I think this was the trim package on the donor, correct me if I am wrong.) Ok have at it because I am stumped. Insults are welcomed also
  12. At one time i had a half b2000/ k5 blazer i built. I called it the mazer when it was running great and the blazda when it was running like crap. I will go start a thread for what to call it. Haha should be interesting.
  13. Thanks guys I am over the divorce crap so no biggie on that. Yeah it has been a process as far as the build. I ended up laid off during the divorce so i haven't had the funds for my drivelines and bell housing among other here and there parts. I had to hide it because the ex wanted to sell it and split the money so that kept me from it for a year. So give me about six months and as long as the economy stays good in japan i am employed. And when ours goes up the yen will go down. Then we will just go back to selling our lumber in the states. Win- Win.
  14. Hey my name is Aaron, I have had my 1990 Pathy for 4 years now. I loved it when it was stock and I love it now. I have been away for a while dealing with a harsh divorce. I just locked down the deal on my first house by myself in 7 years. It has a big shop and the Pathy made it through the divorce in one piece so we are back on. I live in Bellingham and move into my Home on the 15th. Feel free to come check it out, swap stories, drink beer and i even like getting yelled at for making it mostly Chevrolet.

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