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  1. Vertigo

    tire size vrs lift

    What would the largest tire size that can be used with stock height and max size for the 3" AC SL? Not planning on a BL but do you need one if you want 33's? Also whats you thoughts on the Ac lift vrs the calmini? can you used the Ac steering enhancment with the calmini lift? Thanks Vert 94 LE mostly stock but not for long...
  2. Vertigo

    cargo rack

    I wouldn't mind one with a mount, can you get one?
  3. Vertigo

    cargo rack

    Whats the web site?
  4. Vertigo

    cargo rack

    What do you think about cargo racks for off roading, added height more weight but is it really a negitive. Anyone know where one might be able to pick one up for a good price? And what size tire can you fit in it? -Vert
  5. Vertigo

    lower mainland pathy's?

    Take a look in the photos section and check how deep I ended up last night, I was screwed. mental note try not to play by your self... -vert
  6. Vertigo

    kinda dumb but...

    Does anyone know where you can find a good site to get interior peices from -Vert
  7. Vertigo

    Leather seat care

    One word Lexol, is the best leather care product out there, my uncle owns rediculously high end furnature store and thats what they use we're talking 10,000 for a couch! Its also used on saddles I get it from a tack store(horse supplies ie saddles and stuff) my leather was in horrible shape and rough(felt like sandpaper) and cracking. This stuff puts the oils back into the leather 3 applications and its nice and soft angain! I tried pretty much everything out there and this stuff kicks ass
  8. Vertigo

    kinda dumb but...

    Yes but for a 94 and KMPH
  9. Vertigo

    kinda dumb but...

    I know it sounds kinda dumb but does anyone know where you can get white face gauges, they're so much nicer at night?
  10. Vertigo

    Installing an aftermarket stereo

    I just swapped out my stock speakers and I found some new 3 way 5x7 clarions that were advertised as oem replacement fit, caution they will fit in the fronts but in the rears you'll need to get out the tin snips. It took me about an hour and a half to change out the speakers but man they sound insane. for those interested there the clarion 5730's.
  11. Vertigo

    What color is your Pathfinder?

    Does anyone have a color code FL1: Blue jade prl
  12. Vertigo

    window wiper

    On my 94 when I turn on the windshield wipers they apper to work fine however when you go to turn them off they wont shut off un till you turn the pathfinder. I also dont think the intermitant part is working correctly but when you put them on high it switches to high. Also the wash fluid pump doesnt seem to be working so I'm not sure if this problem is connected. Frist thing I though was that it must be the control arm so I swaped it out with on from another pathy at the wreakers and it didnt seem to solve my problem. Any ideas? Is there a seprate relay they wont release ? -Vertigo
  13. Vertigo

    lower mainland pathy's?

    Hey who's out in Chilliwack, theres some great trails out this way, just got a 94 LE after having to sell 95 XE a couple years ago... Lookin to get out and play! - Vertigo
  14. Vertigo

    Fuel saving tips

    I just got a new job where I have to commute a an hour each way and I cant part with my pathfinder
  15. Vertigo

    Seat heaters

    I just picked up a 94 LE in good mechanical shape but the interior was nasty anyways the driver seat seat heater was not plugged in, so I connected the wiring harnes and the fuse popped changed it and it popped instantly, also the swiches dont light up? Any ideas. -Vertigo

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