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    1990 SE V6 3.0L w/ LSD in the rear. Mostly stock otherwise. My grandfathers old truck... now more than ever I want to fix her up in his memory... I miss you Lou...
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  1. ack, totally what I didn't want to hear. ah well, lol - now I know why I'm losing my mind doing over it thanks mate!
  2. So... we finally got to working on my old Pathy... 1990 se v6 - and my parking brake hardware is rusted to all hell. Problem is, I can't find a parking brake hardware kit - I keep finding drum brake hardware juts, which doesn't have the right length Springs and pins. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or a part number even? Thanks in advance!
  3. Heh, unfortunately didn't get a chance to try this today - threat of storms most of the early afternoon, and then errands in the evening. It may have to wait till the weekend. On a semi-related note - the jack we use to lift the truck has wheels on it... the garage it's in has less than 18 inches space on either side of the vehicle - would it be safe to pull/push the truck out with that wheel lifted on the jack so we can move her?
  4. If the weather holds, I'll give that a try today
  5. I was contemplating this... I'm just worried that if it ISN'T simply the brakes being frozen on... that something else might break instead XD I mean... we gave it enough gas that at one point, the passenger side rear wheel started to spin in place... so it's pretty dang stuck
  6. Nunya, you're only about 3.5 hours away from us - if you wanted to come up this way, I'm sure we could put you up for a night or two - our little townhouse ain't much to look at, but it's comfy (and we have a really nice couch that we got for free no less, lucky score!)
  7. Good news Bad News time: Good News: She runs pretty good despite having 4 yr old gas in her (where she is position in the little shed thing, we can't get a gas can in to fill her with new fuel - we'll have to get a siphon setup to get new fuel into her) The Transmission seems to shift into/out of gear pretty well (including 4WD) Three of the four wheels spin, albeit with some resistance, but not much Bad News: The drivers side rear wheel will not spin at all. Like... it's acting like the truck is in Park... I'm HOPING that it's just the brakes stuck on - we're going to see about getting a dolly to get her out of the "garage" she's in so we can pull the wheel and take a look. Wanted to do it today using the jack (it has wheels) but we have severe thunderstorms cropping up all around so... yeah, no. k9sar, if you have any interest in coming to look while you are visiting the Hershey area, let me know - we're only like, 20 minutes from Hershey
  8. How difficult is it to do an e-fan conversion? Any recommendations on brands/parts/et al? Thinking it might be something I want to do once the big stuff is done... would probably be a useful little addition, especially since we've been pushing 95+ here and summer isn't over XD
  9. Really? I'd love to meet up with ya k9sar! I'll keep you informed - space is a premium in there (I'm fat, and it's a small stand-alone garage) but I'll see what I can do We did try putting it in neutral and giving a push, no change. I'm hoping I still have the tools I need... ever since my parents divorced, a lot of the tools my father had laying around have been sold or otherwise disappeared
  10. I'll give it a shot after work - ebrake wasn't left on to my knowledge, but she felt stuck, like the wheels couldn't spin at all
  11. I have a friend with welding gear who's ready and willing to help. My family is chipping in a bit of money to cover the costs - if we can get her fixed up, she will go to my lil bro as his first car. We started her today- started right up after 4 years sitting. HOWEVER, she will not move - put her in F or R, and she acts like she wants to move but like her wheels are frozen. I'm hesitant to push too hard on her to try and break em free - could they just be rust-locked?
  12. is trying to get old Sheila up and running

  13. I hate to say it... but yeah, that dog needs to be seriously looked at, possibly put down. Aggression like that is just a life waiting to be lost, and if the dog is that bad, I don't know how he could be rehabbed. I am terribly sorry for your loss, but I pray that no small kids get tagged by that brute. For the record, huge dog fan here... my old German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix named Storm was my fave best bud... smartest damn dog. Never seen a mutt teach himself not only how to open the door to go out and do his business, but then CLOSE IT upon coming back inside.
  14. Good grief! I wish you lived near PA... I'd kill to know a quarter of what you know XD
  15. That's just it... I've taken welding courses before. I know how to Oxyacetylene, MIG, and TIG weld, and even practiced with Stick welding a bit... but the only torch I have is a small MAPP gas brazing torch... I wish I had a good welder, but I can't afford one
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