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  1. I'd get a Toyota Echo (I already own one ) and spend the rest on frigging fuel. The Pathy will then be ready and full up to hit the water. The Echo runs forever on a teaspoon of gas. We use it everywhere that doesn't require 4wd. It's name is "The Little Red Rocket". Well MAYBE I'd get nerf bar I bent a little last 4x4 trip out replaced. Naw, it adds character. The Pathfinder is an excellent vehicle but it is a little heavy at the gas pump.
  2. Hey there, I believe we know each other from FishBC. Nice 'Finder you got there.
  3. From the "front end noises" part: Another source of front end squeals or noises are the front differential crossmember bolts. Over time, the bolts can loosen, allowing the crossmember to shift slightly every now and then, causing noise from the front end...sometimes alarmingly nasty sounding. The fix is to re-torque the crossmember bolts. There are four bolts to re-torque, two on each side of the front crossmember. They are easily accessible from the front of the vehicle without jacking it up. I don't have the exact torque figures on hand, but simply cranking the bolts tight with a 1/2" drive ratchet worked for me. Will this result in a clunking type sound in the front end that happens sort of sporadically. More so on harder stops than smooth ones .....? Regular driving is as tight as Santana's rythm section.
  4. Done a lot of searching on this site. Thanks for all the great tips and instructions there are laying around here. One thing I haven't found is how many Ks people are getting AFTER the orange light goes on at the fuel gauge. I mean somebody must have run out of gas somewhere? I'm a lazy SOB and like to run it M T before I head to the station and fill it to the top. Ok, maybe I'm a little forgetful and freak out a little when that light starts flashing as the remainder of the gas is sloshing around in there. Usually I can stuff about 65 liters in from there to full. Oh, and I like the smilies here especially this one:
  5. Combustable green matter in tube form.
  6. Just a WEE bit of mud there hud.
  7. Just a little get to know you guys thread. How did you pick your handle you use here?? Some interesting names to be sure. For myself my online name is a extended version of a nickname (Floon) I picked up in my late teens from the Top 100 in a "questionable" gardening magazine ( ). The entry was "Floon the party God" and while I was not an actual party god, I was that sort of a guy. :tonguefinger: To be honest there are a lot of people know me as Floon and have no idea what my actual name is. You?
  8. Well, I was a little concerned that my alarm was off line as the horn doesn't sound when I arm it and if I followed all of your fine instruction, there was still no love until today. The wife went into the house after arming the truck while I was still in it, finishing some notes for work. It took me a minute or so and all I did was push the manual lock and beep beep beep. There is a 20 second window between arming and actual initiation of the alarm function. I kinda dig the fact that it doesn't beep when you do arm it, it actually kind of annoys me when others do.
  9. Seen the Oz man cometh about 10 times but I mised him this time. At $175/ticket I have better things to do with my money which, BTW I am not made of which both he and Van Halen seem to think. I just cranked up the live double album from last year and burned my Bic for a while in the living room instead.
  10. I have a 99 pathfinder and there is a security light that flashes. There is also a horn feature or panic button that sounds the horn on the key fob. In my manual it says the security system is activated via the fob, and goes off if the any portal in the vehicle is opened when it is locked. How does one test this? Are we talking engine kill?? How often are our little gems coveted enough to steal? The reason I am asking is my work van full of tools got ripped off last night and I am trying to get my security ducks in a row so to speak. Are people here big proponents of the Club? More alarms? Thanks in advance. Paranoid in Canada.
  11. Cool, I will check my VIN# tomorrow and tell you if I am compatable Sunday. Heading off early to see how well it runs in the snow. Oh, I am a '99. Perhaps a gallery can host the PDF file? I will check if mine will hold it for us....
  12. Thanks so much dude. You guys are great! I will be looking into one of them code readers. A little research goes a long way. I don't mind spending money on tools if I am going to use them so $$ is pretty much secondary there.
  13. Got that right. This place is pretty cool, eating up all my fine fishing forum time. So you think it's one and the same? What about the battery advice --> should I try it? I guess the worst that could happen is I clear the error and if it is still existing it will resurface. I can't wait for those manuals in the pinned topics to become available, how COOL is that?? That sensor thing is just ticking me off, I'll probably just turn it off. What do I care what the temp is, I'm gonna fish in it anyways.

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