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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate the ideas! The AT fluid is new (~4000km) but was on the low side, although a top-up hasn't changed anything. Speaking with my friend, we think it might in fact not be a transmission issue at all. Will update this once I've found out more...
  2. My '87 auto (three speed) SE has just lost its ability to reverse. The gear engages, but as I let my foot off the brake it just lurches at the point the truck would (normally) start moving back and stalls. If I keep 50% pressure on the brake, I can get it to creep back slowly, riding that threshold before it stalls. All three forward gears work fine. Interestingly, switching the transfer case to 4L and the auto gearbox to R, it works somewhat. There’s a rough judder as I let my foot off the brake at the point that it stalls in 2H, but then I’m able to use the accelerator freely to reverse in 4L. Switching the transfer case to N and the gearbox to R, the engine revs without issue. Has anyone come across an issue like this before? I’m in the wilds of northern BC 1500km from home, and my main concern at this point is making it back to Vancouver without triggering anything further. There aren't any mechanics up here who can take a look at it, but chatting with an auto wizard friend back home it's unlike most of the transmission issues he’s come across. We're totally baffled.
  3. Great tip, thanks @Slartibartfast!! Couldn't find the number on the rims without taking them off (plus their insides coated in so much brake dust and grime!), but my truck was assembled in October 1987 so I suspect it may have been a later-in-87 model. Fingers crossed for compatibility; I'm looking to buy 'em tonight!
  4. Been on the lookout for lego rims for my '87 SE for ages and I've found a potential '95 XE donor here in Vancouver with them. It looks like that truck was a 2WD though, as the front two hubs are missing their "AUTOMATIC" caps. Any fitment issues you guys might be aware of putting 2WD rims on a 4WD?
  5. Ha! I'll probably never know for certain, alas. But I like the working theories.
  6. Good intel. That would make sense. I didn't know they were modular but this might send me searching for a replacement to match. Gets me wondering whether the odometer might have been messed with by the previous (original) owner, or if it may have come with the new unit. Interior is really clean and the engine purrs, but the body is Canadian-interior rough. No logged mileage on the Carfax at any point either.
  7. Anyone seen this before? The speedometer on my (new-to-me) '87 has a white backlight and everything else has the amber we all know and love. Would love to match 'em up but not sure whether it's a bulb issue or a coloured gel filter or something...
  8. Great tips, thanks @nunya! Interesting to know the D21 grille is such an easy swap. I'll definitely be investigating that more too...
  9. Wow @nend, that thing is MINT! Gorgeous paint; love the stance. So beautiful. I applaud you. And I'll second @Slartibartfast, those rims are the right mix of loud and tasteful.
  10. Thanks for the great welcome everyone; I'm so stoked to be part of this group! Most of my photos in the weeks I've had her are either on the back of tow trucks or at various mechanics, alas. Lots of gremlins to banish before she's in reliable driving shape (a suspected ECU problem scuttled my 1000km drive back home to Vancouver from Calgary midway). But I guess that's to be expected knowing she's been sitting idle for most of her life. One owner, almost never driven, before appearing at a salvage auction last month as part of an estate sale. The interior especially is a time capsule back to an 80s dealership. I can't wait to give her a great home. I'm not sure the existing bumpers are much use anymore, unfortunately. They're the sites of more rust than anywhere else on the body (especially the rear bumper with its aftermarket towing package) and are pretty rough.
  11. Hi all! I've just acquired a beautiful 87 SE after years of searching high and low for the right unit, and I'm excited to be joining this community of fine folk. The truck has been barn-kept for most of its life and is in decent condition (79k km on the odometer), but I have my eye on replacing the bumpers and front grille. Anyone know if these later 90-95 WD21 parts will fit an 87? Chrome/silver? The compatibility searches on RockAuto seems to think not, but I figured best to take this to the true experts!

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