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  1. Do not believe entire rear suspension is shot. I am the second owner and original owners used Pathfinder for everyday use. Was always serviced at Nissan dealer, not that that is a good thing. I believe it was not used off road or to tow. Seems the shocks are original. It bottoms too easily with little load. I really do not want to do a Lift. But, if new shocks will help I will start there. I am attempting to find a shock a little bit longer and heavier duty.
  2. My Pathfinder bottoms out terrible in the rear. My thought, currently, is to get longer, heavier springs, perhaps LandRover. Then buy a good set of quality rear shocks that are a bit longer and heavier duty. BTW, this has nothing to do with the front suspension. The front suspension has new struts, links, and all new last spring. But, I will do a 2” spacer lift on the new struts that I installed last spring. The issue has to do with the rear suspension bottoming out. I will remove the spacers upon doing the front lift. Someone posted the Land Rover springs and front lift spacer. Where to buy these components. MTG
  3. OK, not carrying anything. Springs must be shot. Might have to look into new springs. Land Rover springs may be in the future with a 2” spacer on the struts. Then new shocks.
  4. Want rear shocks but want longer, beefier shocks. Who makes a shock for my 2000 Pathy R50? MTG
  5. OK, light went off on its’ Own. XPLORx4, no issues regarding drivability that I can discern. I had the code read at Autozone. Nothing found. The indicator light is at the very top left of the odometer housing. Off now! Will keep an eye on things. MTG
  6. Service vehicle light came on. Stopped at Autozone, they checked to find NO codes. I am assuming this is the normal dealer light that illuminates when oil, transmission, etc. needs service. I just changed oil, transmission and differentials have been serviced within 1000 miles. Plugs have been changed, air cleaner element replaced, brakes replaced, etc. Cannot think of anything that needs service. So, how does one reset the service vehicle lamp in the upper right hand corner of the odometer display. I disconnected battery for 2 hours. No change. Pathfinder runs great. No problems that I currently know of. MTG
  7. Will be returning to Gary Herberts lodge near Omarama north of Queenstown with my lovely wife of 49 yrs. My grandson and his mother. My grandson will be hunting red stag, fallow deer and perhaps some goats. I will be hunting fallow deer, maybe a goat and doing some water fowl hunting as I already have a good red stag, a tahr, an Arapawa sheep and many wallabies. We traveled to NZ in 2016 for our first trip. Spent some time in Queenstown. I was very excited to see some many Pathfinders, Sidekicks and more with Diesel engines. Would like to have one here in NW Montana. PM me with a phone number and if there is any outside chance we could meet or even talk during our visit to NZ it would be great. MTG
  8. KiwiTerrano, We will be traveling to Queenstown June of 2020. Will be in Queenstown for three nights two days prior to hunting. MTG
  9. Arizona in March. Then Montana in July. We have some beautiful and outback off-roading here in MT. Yes, meeting in Arizona in March would be a real winter escape. Especially for those that live in cold country. But, then MT in July for amazing off roading and wonderful summers. MTG
  10. My 2000 Pathfinder has no lift. It is stock height. Will check the u joints. Vibration and noise increases with speed. MTG
  11. There is a vibration that needs to be isolated. Thanks. MTG
  12. My 2000 Pathfinder is 4WD. Is the rear driveshaft a one piece shaft or two piece shaft. MTG
  13. Quick question. Never heard of running ATF and Seafoam. Please elaborate. MTG
  14. At this time I own a. 2000 Pathfinder and a 2000 Xterra. Have merely a bit of time with the Pathfinder but have owned the Xterra for 4 plus yrs. Both have even great off road but have had more experience with the Xterra. With hope the Pathfinder will be as good an off-road warrior as my Xterra. The Pathfinder gets better mileage but the Xterra Is a beast off-road. Who else has an a Xterra? MTG
  15. Replaced two security system relays and hooked up LED security light on lower dash. If the non start occurs again will first replace park/neutral position relay with spare relay. If this does not solve issue will pull starter and have it checked at NAPA. Beyond this I would think ignition switch. The ground cable to block is good and makes a solid connection. The battery terminals are clean and have no oxide compound on them. Keeping my fingers crossed this will not happen again. Will keep all informed. MTG

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