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  1. MTGunner

    Stripped headlight adjusting screw head

    Has anyone taken the adjustment assembly apart to reengineer/replace the plastic adjusting screw with metal parts? Both sides of mine are stripped as the low beams are truly LOW beam lights. May have to mount 4” LED cubes for better lighting. MTG
  2. MTGunner

    My build/adventure thread

    Micah, have been following this thread and missing a Montana right up until you posted the pics of your Pathfinder in the snow. Yes, I miss home and will be back in NW MT mid April. I found a very nice 2000 Path SE here in SW NM that I have been upgrading. Albeit, it will not be coming back to MT this spring. I have a 2000 Xterra at home NE of Ronan that I wheel all over Montana. Another great Nissan that I have done extensive upgrades to and will continue. My hunting rig. We spend our winters in SW NM and I do lots of off-roading in the desert with my Pathfinder and ATV. Warmer here and no snow to deal with. Quail season runs through mid Feb. and lots of desert to roam. Keep up the thread and lots of pictures. MTG
  3. MTGunner

    Oil mileage?

    My owners manual suggests changing engine oil around 3750 miles under normal conditions. I am running 5w/30w high mileage synthetic. What is everyone changing their oil and filter at? MTG
  4. MTGunner

    NPORA decals?

    Been on this forum for sometime since buying my 2000 R50 4x4. Have been working to upgrade and fix issues, nothing serious, to get my rig up to standards. Now, I will begin to setup for cross country/off-road reliability and adventure. Have been seeing pics and see the NPORA decals. Need two. Where can I obtain two for my R50? MTG
  5. MTGunner

    Droning noise in the drive train?

    Dumped the diff fluid yesterday and drained for an hour. The drain plug magnet had but a small amount of black debris, looked like black mud, no metal chunks. Refilled with Lucas 75-90 synthetic diff lubricant. The droning noise has dimished to a point of nonexistence at this point. At this point I will monitor for other noises. Tough being a person that hates noises, rattles, squeaks and the plethora of annoying little things that come with a used car. Sure do like my R50! MTG
  6. MTGunner

    Droning noise in the drive train?

    OK all, this far I have replacedfront wheel bearings. Cleaned up a bad brake job as the pads were no being allowed to float on the right front wheel, very tight and not installed correctly. Checked the universal joints to find no fault. I had a good friend ride in the back seat while I was driving on a fairly smooth road an$his opinion is that the rear diff gears are a small bit loose. He said, and I quote, “it will probably only last another 100,000 miles in this condition. Well, I will drain the rear pumpkin and look for debris. If nothing significant I will refill with synthetic diff lubricant and move on. Front end steers great, brakes work great, rear end noise is minimal. NEXT!
  7. There is a droning/whining noise somewhere in the drivetrain of my 2000 R50 4x4. I checked the rear diff for fluid and all is well. The rear tires show no different wear from other tires. I will check “U” joints tomorrow. Will also check rear axle bearings by jacking rear end and placing on jack stands. Droning/whining noise diminishes with higher speed. But, am concerned. What think you all? Thanks for the input. MTG
  8. These will be approx. 31” in diameter. Will there be rubbing issues without a lift in your opinions? There are 255/65R16 on that are 29” that do not rub. MTG
  9. MTGunner

    missing link

    OK, following this thread and can someone clarify the advantage in this modification. Has been said that it improves handling and makes suspension stiffer. This would be a easily fabricated link if the advantages are truly significant. Please elaborate more. Thanks. MTG
  10. MTGunner

    Front suspension clunk....

    Checked the strut nut for movement to find none. Will have to wait for warmer weather to jack up, put on jack stands and inspect link ends and sway arm bushings. Those I changed on my 2000 Xterra front and rear. Guessing that this may be the culprit. Will keep this forum informed. MTG
  11. MTGunner

    Front suspension clunk....

    Has anyone experienced a front end suspension clunk associated with the sway bar bushings and sway bar link ends? Was replacement of bushings and link ends the solution? MTG
  12. MTGunner

    Front suspension clunk....

    Just had the struts and half shaftsreplaced within 200 miles by a reputable shop. The front end was aligned and I believe they would have found a bad LBJ, thanks for clarifying the acronym, or perhaps damaging the strut during installation. But, will go back to shop to discuss noise. MTG
  13. MTGunner

    Front suspension clunk....

    OK, looked at the sway bar links that look to be properly seated and good. I will remove the front plastic pan to check the sway bar bushings. MTG
  14. MTGunner

    Front suspension clunk....

    Please excuse my misinterpretation of LBJ. Must be an acronym that I not not of. MTG
  15. Replaced the front struts and half shafts on my 2000 SE. But, still have a front end noise when going over bumps. Any ideas? Thanks and merry Christmas. MTG

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