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  1. Replaced two security system relays and hooked up LED security light on lower dash. If the non start occurs again will first replace park/neutral position relay with spare relay. If this does not solve issue will pull starter and have it checked at NAPA. Beyond this I would think ignition switch. The ground cable to block is good and makes a solid connection. The battery terminals are clean and have no oxide compound on them. Keeping my fingers crossed this will not happen again. Will keep all informed. MTG
  2. I removed the relay that sounds the horn in the alarm system. Also, disabled the LED on the dash by removing one wire. I have attempted to simulate the non start sequence once again having only to have this occur but one more time. It starts each time now as I do not lock the rear lift gate by key manually. It is a strange anomaly. But, this does make me somewhat distrusting as I do considerable mountain off-roading. I think I will have to research the alarm system schematic. MTG
  3. I was parked at the market with my ‘00 Pathfinder turn off. Was going into the store and decided to manually rear lock lift gate. Upon returning I unlocked driver side door of my Pathfinder and tried to start the engine. NOTHING! But, everything else worked. Gave this some thought and manually unlocked the rear lift gate. My Pathfinder fired right up. ???? My 2000 SE has an alarm system that I disabled. Could be the culprit. Has not happened since. At this point I am not completely trusting to go off reading in the mountains due to misgivings about this issue. What think you all? MTG
  4. Went to Nissanhelp in the factory manual to find 4x4 models do indeed have a three piece with driveshafts. I will remove rear shaft assembly for inspection in hope that this is my droning noise problem. I drained the rear differential to find no problems. Changed trans fluid to find no problems. As stated before hope that driveshaft is the culprit and merely the carrier bearing or “u” joints. My 2000 4x4 Pathfinder has a mere 140,000 miles on the odometer. Runs great and everything else is in excellent condition. Thanks again. MTG
  5. Do most 96-04 4x4 Pathfinders have two or one piece driveshafts? Reason I ask is that my 2000 Pathfinder 4x4 is at our winter residence and am thinking the droning noise is either a bad universal or if a two piece shaft may be the carrier bearing. Must figure out the droning noise before driving it much. Hate noises and rattles. MTG
  6. A pic and pull is a toy store for me and my good friend. We venture to the p&p in Anthony, TX and one in Tucson, AZ my wife and I and he and his wife spend our winters in SW New Mexico. But my residence is in Montana NW. Few to visiting this country. Seems the p&p in the SW have undiscovered gold...or steel and plastic.
  7. OK, where do I find hub rings. Want to do this correctly first time. Thanks. MTG Found them on Amazon. Thanks again. MTG
  8. OK, would rather just install spacers to clear struts. Would like to utilize minimal length, 1”, so larger tires will not extend too far outside. Hoping this will give better strut clearance. Have found 1” spacers on Amazon unless someone has better choice. BTW, spend winters in Deming, NM. Perhaps could get together to meet AZ members. MTG
  9. Where is the best place to purchase this kit and perhaps wheel spacers? Installed one size larger tire and tire is very close to strut. May also need camber bolts for alignment. MTG
  10. Missing link is the one I need. What is the total over all length? This picture appears to be 1/2” EMT conduit. Will 3/4” do? Thanx for the input. MTG
  11. There was a post on this forum about an add on bar that bolts to the front suspension to improves handling. Now that I am home I can manufacture on for my 2000 Pathfinder. Need dimensions. Thanks. MTG
  12. Keep us informed as this will go a long way to adjust camber. MTG
  13. OK, dumped my t/c to find brown/red ATF. Glad that I did so as probably has not been done since leaving factory. Replaced with Castrol high mileage ATF formulated for Nissan Matic “D” transmissions and t/c. Thanx all for the input. MTG
  14. Mine is the manual, stick through the floor. Automatic transmission on my 2000 SE model. Guess I am being too specific when I ask either ATF or 75-90 GL-4. MTG

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