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  1. I like your pressure water solution. Imagine what the persons lungs look like that was the owner. MTG
  2. Drove my Pathfinder from SW NM to NW MT, 1350 miles. Nothing broke, seized, never broke down. But, now that it is home I will put up on 4 good jack stands to find noise. MTG
  3. Some weeks back I jacked up the rear of the car, placed on jack stands, started my Pathfinder and put into drive. Crawled under to perhaps diagnose the noise. Could not identify any specific droning noise. I did not raise the front end for same. This drone/whine I hear inside the vehicle when I drive. This morning I drove my Pathfinder in 4x4 high and low. No difference in noise other than a whine in 4 wheel low which I assume could be normal, perhaps. The real issue is that I want to drive this home to Montana, 1400 miles. Therefore my paranoia regarding this noise. WTH, could be my aggressive tires. Really not comfortable placing all four wheels in the air and running up to highway speeds. MTG
  4. Onespiritbrain, I do have larger aggressive tires that I have been running a 30psi. For the life of me the noise comes from near the front drive shaft near the rear transfer case. But, what the heck, I can only hear the howling within the vehicle compartment. I have checked and repacked front wheel bearings. I will drive and check the rear diff case for heat. approximately how much play at the rear of transfer case in yours? MTG
  5. Towndawg, my 2000 Pathfinder is not lifted. There are no mechanical noises, clunks or mechanical engagement noises other than the droning noise lessons when I reduce speed. I thought the universals would be the issue but both are tight and no play. MTG
  6. Fluids were changed approximately 8000 miles ago. Could not hurt to do again. No play at differential end. Just slight play at transfer case end. MTG
  7. Have been driving my 2000 Pathfinder for approximately 10,000 miles now, one year. It has a droning, light howling noise in the drivetrain. Put it up on jacks upon returning from 100 mile round trip today. Have been thinking universal joints, but no play. Universals do not clunk when put into gear. There is a slight play, less than 1/8” in the shaft where it slips into the rear of the transfer case. But does not seem excessive. There are no leaks from transfer case or any other obvious leaks underneath. ??????? At one point thought it may be exhaust noise. What think you all? Is this a common issue? My Pathfinder, SE, 4x4 has just over 150,000 miles on the odometer. It runs great, starts great. Have no other problems other than this noise that bothers me. Thanks for the input. MTG
  8. Looking to purchase an IPhone adaptable code reader for my 2000 Pathfinder. Want something simple and easy to read and compatible to my IPhone. Not a computer wizard but can decipher information. MTG
  9. Great Pictures Micah. I love wheeling in the mountains of NW MT. But, do not miss the snow. Plan to be home to Ronan mid April. Although, not for long as we will be off to Australia and New Zealand most of June. Will be bringing my ‘00 Pathfinder home from NM for more upgrades during the summer months. Keep posting pictures. MTG
  10. Will Mile Marker 435 hubs fit my 2000 Pathfinder?
  11. OK, so owners manual says when on constant could be an emissions problem. Did all the code research...NOTHING. Pathygig12 seems to have same issues. BTW, thanks for the help and input all. I am going to put Lucas fuel cleaner in my fuel tank for next few fill ups. This should clean injectors, fuel tank, fuel lines and engine to some degree. Always had faith in Lucas products. In online reviews it states that when engine is clean burning it should clean catalytic converter. Not @bsolutely hanging my hopes on fuel system tho’. With hope this will help. MTG
  12. OK, service engine soon light on once again.Went to Autozone to have them read the code. No code came up. This occurred 3-4 weeks back and light extinguished after a few days. No issues running, no issues stopping, no issues period. But service engine soon lamp is on. The owners guide says take to dealer.. NO! Service is well up to date. ???? MTG
  13. Merry Christmas to all of the NPORA forum members. With hope you all will have a grand holiday spent with your families. To our military members, veterans and law enforcement we send our greatest respect and thanks for your commitment. MTG
  14. Do not believe entire rear suspension is shot. I am the second owner and original owners used Pathfinder for everyday use. Was always serviced at Nissan dealer, not that that is a good thing. I believe it was not used off road or to tow. Seems the shocks are original. It bottoms too easily with little load. I really do not want to do a Lift. But, if new shocks will help I will start there. I am attempting to find a shock a little bit longer and heavier duty.

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