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  1. OK, dumped my t/c to find brown/red ATF. Glad that I did so as probably has not been done since leaving factory. Replaced with Castrol high mileage ATF formulated for Nissan Matic “D” transmissions and t/c. Thanx all for the input. MTG
  2. Mine is the manual, stick through the floor. Automatic transmission on my 2000 SE model. Guess I am being too specific when I ask either ATF or 75-90 GL-4. MTG
  3. Have read the maintenance manual for 2000 Pathfinder 4x4 for changing transfer case fluid. One says OK to use correct ATF and another states 75-90 gear oil. Which does anyone suggest? This Pathfinder will be for back roads and mild off roading. Going about mild build for daily driver and hunting fig. MTG
  4. Minimum distance from inner edge of tire to strut is approx. 1/4” to 3/8” static. I will monitor wear for indication of misalignment and or rubbing. Thanx! MTG
  5. Will check gap for width. Seems minimum. MTG
  6. Hello all once again. Now, I put 265/70R16 Falken AT3W tires on my 2000 Pathfinder. The clearance in the rear is good, no rubbing. The clearance in the front has me concerned. There is little between the bottom of the strut, the base where the spring seats, and the inner edge of the tire. Have not had rubbing that I know of but so little clearance does concern me. What think you all? MTG
  7. Seems like a simple 2" lift to install. Have to give it some thought. Thanks. MTG I looked at the website and the reviews. Do not have a spring compressor. Can this be done without spring compressor? MTG
  8. No real reason. Just think it unnecessary with good tires and judicious off road activity. Here in the SW desert there is lots of trails, but no real rock climbing that I am in to. Yes, I do want to avoid cactus, mesquite thorns, some rocky terrain and etc. But, I do this as need be when I am out offroading. Just want best suitable safe options for my off road needs. Do not need to build a romping stomping off road machine. That I have in my Xterra at home in Montana. If, in fact, I do decide to do a 2" suspension lift, which kit would I best choose? MTG
  9. Thanks mojo, the heavier load range and thicker sidewall would be better here for my off roading. Our home is in NW Montana although we spend our winters in SW New New Mexico. Our 2000 Pathfinder stays down here at our lease lot and no snow to speak of. But, lots of off roading in the desert and mountains. I would like to avoid a 2” lift but would do so if need be. Fuel mileage is not a issue as we put about 5000-6000 miles on each winter here near Deming, NM. I like the idea of the LT tire for better rock resistance. I know that no tire is indestructible regarding rocks and rough roads. But will continue to listen to what all have information to offer before I make a decision. MTG
  10. Pathydude17, Walmart lists two Falken AT3W tires on the same page. One listed at $98 and the other at $120.....? Both look identical but different order numbers. Micah, who makes the duratracs that you speak of? MTG
  11. I will consider the Falken as they are listed as a LT, light truck, tire. I have an older set of Nexen RA8’s on my 2000 Xterra that still service well. I have been considering a 265/70R16 for my 2000 Pathfinder with a 2” lift. There are currently 255/65R16 General tires on it now, but looking for better tread, better sidewall and overall better off road performance. I looked at the Falken Wildpeak AT3W’s on Walmart in the 255/70R16XL. Seem to be a good match. Actually want to look at the sidewall construction as do some off roading in rocky terrain and with this model may not have to do a 2” lift. Thanks for the heads up. MTG
  12. OK, have been searching tires for my 2000 SE. I have decided upon 265/70R16 with a 2” lift. Now, I have looked at many tires online and in Walmart. Has anyone experience with Nexen Roadian Pro RA8 tires? This will be for moderate off roading and daily driving. The RA8 has a 5 star rating with multiple tire online sellers. Just looking for someone with practicle experience. MTG

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