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  1. NZ members I have a question. Not to take over this thread. Has your country opened up as yet. BTW, my R50 has 265/70R16 tires mounted on the 16” wheels. It did some rubbing of the front bumper and wheel well liners until I did some trimming. Now, nothing. We had a trip planned to NZ this past June but Covid kept us at home here in Montana. Hopefully will be able to travel to NZ in the future. Stay safe. MTG
  2. My 2000 R50 has a humming/droning noise that comes in around 45 mph. Have thoughts that it may be a rear wheel bearing. Will continue to watch this post. MTG
  3. Installed new Moog springs this AM. Checked universal joints, all good. Replaced fuel filter. No problems. This 2000 Pathfinder is so nice to work on as there is no rust, very little dirt and all bolts and nuts came off so easily. There is no visablevsag and the ride is nice and firm. Now, I am considering Airlift 1000 airbags. Watched a video and installation seems simple. Whereas I do very little towing I may wait some time to install. Thanks all for the input. MTG
  4. Has the stay at home order been lifted in NZ? Can you travel to where ever you want to keep from going stir crazy?
  5. Ordered the Moog rear springs in lieu of the airbags as I do very little towing with my Pathfinder. The only towing would be very short hauls. Do not care for airbags as had them on my 2000 F250 and were always a pain. The Moog springs should be sufficient. Thanks for the help. MTG
  6. I realize that this topic has been discussed to great ends but need to ask. My 2000 Pathfinder 4x4 has a bit of sag in the rear springs, not real bad but probably OEM springs. I have decided that I do not really want a lift but more load support. Having said this, what replacement rear springs will give me at most a 1/2” lift to bring it up and support a bit more load. I do plan to tow a 10’ utility trailer on occasion. Also, where to purchase at best price. Thanks for the input and patience. MTG
  7. This stay at home ruling by MT governor Steve Bullock can be truly boring AND a bit too crazy for me. Therefore, going out to my shop. Turning on the radio. Going to remove the factory running boards, mud flaps and fender flares. Then commence to sanding all plus the lower part of each side in preparation to coat with truck bed coating. Does it need this? NO. Do I want this? Yes. Need has nothing to do with want. I want it this way to defend against rock chips, cow crap, mud and various other little gremlins that are throw around when off-roading. Am I nuts???? Yep! But I like the coverage and the way it looks. Have done this to other rigs and has held up great. Who knows what little problems I may come across during this process? Good time to be working on my 2000 Pathfinder. Stay busy and please be safe. Keep your family safe. MTG
  8. Replaced sway bar bushings and found rack and pinion bellows boot to be torn. Replaced the boot, checked other bushings to be good. Looks as though the ball joints have been replaced. Now, will have front end aligned. But, at this point my R50 drives and sounds great. A pleasure to glean information from these forum posters. Thank you all. MTG
  9. Where can I find a body and frame parts diagram for the front frame and suspension for my 4x4 Pathfinder. I have a clunking noise that I want to fix. Have checked the ball joints to be good. New front struts and rear shocks. Noise seems to be coming from drivers side front. BTW, this Pathfinder was in a front minor collision before I owned it. MTG
  10. I like your pressure water solution. Imagine what the persons lungs look like that was the owner. MTG
  11. Drove my Pathfinder from SW NM to NW MT, 1350 miles. Nothing broke, seized, never broke down. But, now that it is home I will put up on 4 good jack stands to find noise. MTG
  12. Some weeks back I jacked up the rear of the car, placed on jack stands, started my Pathfinder and put into drive. Crawled under to perhaps diagnose the noise. Could not identify any specific droning noise. I did not raise the front end for same. This drone/whine I hear inside the vehicle when I drive. This morning I drove my Pathfinder in 4x4 high and low. No difference in noise other than a whine in 4 wheel low which I assume could be normal, perhaps. The real issue is that I want to drive this home to Montana, 1400 miles. Therefore my paranoia regarding this noise. WTH, could be my aggressive tires. Really not comfortable placing all four wheels in the air and running up to highway speeds. MTG
  13. Onespiritbrain, I do have larger aggressive tires that I have been running a 30psi. For the life of me the noise comes from near the front drive shaft near the rear transfer case. But, what the heck, I can only hear the howling within the vehicle compartment. I have checked and repacked front wheel bearings. I will drive and check the rear diff case for heat. approximately how much play at the rear of transfer case in yours? MTG
  14. Towndawg, my 2000 Pathfinder is not lifted. There are no mechanical noises, clunks or mechanical engagement noises other than the droning noise lessons when I reduce speed. I thought the universals would be the issue but both are tight and no play. MTG

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